Google Trademarks ‘Pigweed’ Which Is A New Operating System! Can Android Be Replaced?

Google Trademarks 'Pigweed' Which Is A New Operating System! Can Android Be Replaced?
Google Trademarks ‘Pigweed’ Which Is A New Operating System! Can Android Be Replaced?

Google has been in quite the news since past some days. About a couple of days back, we covered a story concerning Google’s OTT platforms and showcased you with supporting numbers from Google, as to the gigantic footprint Google and its adjoining services are covering.

In today’s article however, we bring very special information to you about something that you definitely haven’t heard about much, yet.  We are here to spill some beans on Google’s coup ‘possible’ Operating System, called Pigweed.

What is Pigweed?

Google is known to have developed exemplary OS over the years, without a single ounce of doubt. These list include Chrome OS, Android and the most recent one, Fuschia, including others.

It appears Google may be working on yet another operating system, “Pigweed,” according to a new US trademark application. Recently spotted by an apparent FCC and trademark sleuth, Google is known to have filed a new trademark application with the USPTO, for the name “Pigweed.”

On going through the application, Google appears to use the Pigweed trademark to cover computer operating software.

Our Closest Links Rooting to Pigweed

Realising that ‘Pigweed’ is the only name we have gone through without Google mentioning any further information of the same, here are our understandings of what Pigweed could exactly be.

  • Before starting with what this Pigweed represents, we must understand its actual meaning.
  • As per the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, pigweeds are actually leafy plants that are edible and actually nutritious.
  • Some of these pigweeds when fully grown, die out and spread their seeds as they’re tossed by the wind.
  • The 1st time this word was ever recorded is in the code from Google’s other in-development OS Fuchsia.
  • However, we cannot assure if the two projects are even remotely related, as the developer who proposed the change is involved in multiple Google projects
  • Another reference to Pigweed can be brought from, is in Google’s Chromium code repository.
  • Unfortunately, until Google decides to make more of Pigweed public, we’re not likely to figure out what purpose the OS will serve.

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