How To Crack GATE 2020: 7 Last-Minute Tips From GATE Expert Which Every Student Should Know

How To Crack GATE 2020: 7 Last-Minute Tips From GATE Expert Which Every Student Should Know
How To Crack GATE 2020: 7 Last-Minute Tips From GATE Expert Which Every Student Should Know

With the prestigious All-India examination, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2020 only a fortnight away, applicants might be already scrolling and shuffling through a variety of preparation methods.

But, this will only leave them confused in deciding the best approach. When it comes to last-minute preparations for GATE, starting basic is the deal breaker to get a decent score. 

But sometimes even though the candidates are already following their monthly preparation timetable to cover most of what has to be studied and within the allotted time, they are not able to score well.

The loophole could lie in trying to mug up all content or stressing at the last minute. Here are some last-minute tips and tricks that will augment your preparation and make you ready for the main day:

Pay More Attention To High-Return Topics

Considering that subjects like engineering mathematics and general ability carry 30 percent of the total marks and are relatively easier to score in. You could also concentrate on preparing high scoring topics like Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Digital Logic, Operating System, Databases and Computer Networks, well through online lectures. 

Test Your Abilities With Mock Papers

Take up a mock-test series every day before the main exam and attempt it online the same way as the actual exam. This will not only help in adapting to the online pattern of the exam but also enable you in assessing your preparation.  The mock test will let you analyse your weak areas and work on improving them through an exhaustive practice of different types of questions.

Create Your Own Exam Strategy

Based on your attempts of mock test series, you can modify your own exam strategy either by starting to solve the paper from the first question, or simply glancing through the entire test and answering questions from your areas of strength.

Skip Preparing For New Topics

This is something every aspirant should avoid. Starting a fresh topic that you have never studied before at this point in time is a bad idea. At this crucial time, you will not be able to build up concepts from new topics. Instead, revise the subjects you are thorough with and get those concepts clear in your head.

Revise All The Formulas

This is the time to brush up all the formulas and practice at least 3-4 questions covering each formula. Make sure you are not mugging them up. Instead, try to get their concepts clear so that you don’t feel stressed during the exam hour. Candidates should also avoid spending a lot of time on just one aspect of the syllabus. Keep switching between multiple topics and if possible, revise them through your notes instead of books or online platforms to save time. 

Do Not Ignore Negative Marking

Guesswork and over attempting of questions simply do not go with GATE paper. Negative marking can ruin it all. So attempt and solve those questions that you are absolutely sure of. 

Stay Relax and Keep Your Cool

One day before GATE, stop thinking about it. The idea of accomplishing everything at the 11th hour doesn’t fit in here. Staying up late in the night to study can make you pay a heavy price. So, try to maintain your cool by watching a light-hearted movie on Netflix and sleep on time for good 6-hours. This will help you in attempting the exam with a fresh mind and increase your accuracy, speed, and even the score

GATE isn’t the end of the world. So, instead of losing the state of your mind and mood over it, have faith in yourself and put your best foot forward. Your hard work will get paid off eventually. 

This guest post has been contributed by Mr. Akhand Swaroop Pandit, CEO&Founder, Catalyst Group

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