Indian Railways Will Soon ‘Ban’ Passengers Over Unruly Behavior

Indian Railways Will Soon ‘Ban’ Passengers Over Unruly Behavior
Indian Railways Will Soon ‘Ban’ Passengers Over Unruly Behavior

If you are a passenger who is impossible to deal with in trains, then soon you will be banned from traveling in the trains altogether.

How will this be implemented? And what inspired Indian Railways to create such a rule for banning passengers?

Keep reading to find out more!

Indian Railways Will Ban Passengers Based On The Behavior

A senior Railway official has informed that soon, Railways will start banning passengers, just like airlines do. 

A no-fly list will be created by Indian Railways, wherein unruly passengers would be added, and they will be banned from traveling in the trains.

Such travel bans can be imposed for 6-months or more, based on the behavior and conduct of the passengers.

Railway official said, “Looking at the growing trend of passengers going unruly during flight and risking the lives of other passengers, the railways is also mulling to ban such passengers for a few months.”

How Will It Work Out?

Initially, as per the reports, Indian Railways will borrow the list of such banned passengers from airlines, and then populate their own list of banned passengers.

Gradually, based on the complaints filed, Indian Railways will keep on adding unruly passengers in that list, who will be banned from traveling on the trains.

If we talk about airlines, then DGCA has clear cut rules for such unruly passengers. If they are abusing other passengers and crew, then they can be placed under 3 months ban, if they physically assault crew members and other passengers, then 6 months ban, and if they damage any property, then upto 2 years ban on flying can be imposed.

What Inspired Indian Railways To Make Such List?

After comedian Kunal Kamra confronted popular journalist Arnab Goswami in an Indigo flight, 4 major airlines: Air India, GoAir, SpiceJet and Indigo has banned him from flying for 6 months.

Although some Twitter users are condemning this action, since Kunal’s behavior called for a 3-month no-flying ban, this must have inspired Indian Railways to create their list for such unruly passengers.

It would be interesting to observe how Railways plan to implement this.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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