AI Will Remove Managers? 69% Of Manager’s Work Will Be Done By AI; Chat Bots, Virtual Assistants Will Replace Managers?

We have always feared that our jobs will be taken over by technology and robots and other such advancements in science. While we imagined it would be a long time before this starts happening in reality, a new research study has revealed that 69% of the work done by managers will be replaced by technology, such as artificial intelligence, chat bots, etc. by the year 2024. 

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69% Manager Roles To Be Replaced By Automations, Artificial Intelligence

Global research firm, Gartner, Inc. has revealed that 69% of the work that is currently taken care of by managers will be completely automated come 2024. Artificial intelligence and other advancing technology, such as virtual personal assistants and chat bots will be replacing these jobs.

The report also says that 75% of the recruiting heads revealed that there will be a major talent shortage which will affect organizations vastly. 

Helen Poitevin, research vice-president at Gartner, said that the role of a manager will undergo a “complete overhaul” in the next four years. 

She said, “Currently, managers often need to spend time filling in forms, updating information and approving workflows. By using AI to automate these tasks, they can spend less time managing transactions and can invest more time on learning, performance management and goal setting.”

The report states that AI and other technologies will alter the work and role of a manager, and it will also help employees to increase their responsibility and influence without carrying out managerial responsibilities. 

Artificial Intelligence To Bring Diversity in Workplaces

Gartner has also said that AI will help bring about diversity in workplaces, and those organizations that don’t employ people with disabilities will not achieve as much success compared to those who do. This has been predicted to happen by 2022.

Organizations should start employing people who are disabled, the amount of which is great and unexplored. This talent pool is also critically skilled, which is quite crucial because there are organizations that are undergoing a shortage of critical talent for many years. Also, employees with disabilities can work without many complications thanks to AI and other emerging technologies.

Poitevin said, “Restaurants are piloting AI robotics technology that enables paralyzed employees to control robotic waiters remotely. With technologies like braille-readers and virtual reality, organizations are more open to opportunities to employ a diverse workforce.”

As per the report, those organizations that are employing people with disabilities have 89% higher retention rates, a 72% increase in the productivity of employees and a 29% increase in profitability. There will be a massive rise, three times rise in the number of disabled employees thanks to AI and other emerging technologies by the year 2023.

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