Your Hand Can Be Used As Credit Card While Making Payments: Wave Your Hands & Make Payments!

Amazon is looking to launch a new development, which will enable customers to connect their credit card information to their hands. If and when this happens, we will be able to pay our bills only by scanning out hand at the checkout in physical stores.

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Amazon To Link Credit Card Information To Hands Of Customers

As per reports, tech giant Amazon has been working on a technology that will work as a biometric of sorts. It will connect your hands to the information of your credit cards, which can be used as a mode of payment at the checkout section in physical stores.

The company has begun its testing phase with Visa and has also discussed the project with Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Synchrony Financial.

Amazon has also filed a patent for a “non-contact biometric identification system” in recent history, which will use a hand scanner to create an image of the palm of a person. Amazon is planning to launch this mode of payment at fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores.

How Does Amazon’s Hand Scanning Technology Work? Here’s All You Need To Know!

The customers will initially have to place their cards in the credit card scanner of Amazon. After this, their hands will be scanned as well. The payment terminals will then scan and link the data of the card to the hand of the customer. The technology will be very accurate – even the wrinkles and veins on the hand of the customer will be scanned and linked to the credit card of the customer.

However, this process has not been confirmed by the company yet.

The scanned data will be saved in Amazon’s cloud, and there is a possibility that the same data might fuse with every purchase by every customer on 

However, this might prove to be a simplified process of payment for businesses that have “lots of repeat business with their customers.”

There is an unbelievable rise in online frauds happening due to technological advancement. We wonder if the customers’ use of Amazon’s new technology will not make them vulnerable to the same. Amazon will have to make sure there are no loopholes for online scamsters and also protect the data of the customers that will be shared with the company.

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