Use RuPay Card, Get Rs 16,000 Cashback For International Usage

Use RuPay Card, Get Rs 16,000 Cashback For International Usage
Use RuPay Card, Get Rs 16,000 Cashback For International Usage

If you are planning to visit abroad, and have RuPay debit cards, then there is some good news coming in for you.

Get upto Rs 16,000 cashback!

Here are the details..

Rs 16,000 Cashback For Using RuPay Abroad

The National Payments Corporation of India or NPCI has announced a massive cashback for RuPay International Card users.

If RuPay cards are used at some selected countries, then users can get upto 40% cashback.

There should be a minimum transaction of Rs 1000, and maximum transaction of Rs 4000 to avail this cashback scheme.

The user should be able to use RuPay International Card for atleast 4 times a month.

Praveena Rai, COO, NPCI said, “We always aim to create an end-to-end value proposition for RuPay International cardholders to make their overseas travel experience seamless and memorable. The campaign is not only providing an exciting platform for travelers to earn cashbacks but also motivating them to migrate towards digital transactions nationally and globally”.

Which Countries Will Be Covered?

This special cashback scheme have been launched under the ‘RuPay Travel Tales’ campaign. 

The international card from RuPay must be used in these countries, for availing the cashbacks: UAE, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the UK, the US, Spain, Switzerland and Thailand.

This scheme is valid for all RuPay International Cards, which includes: JCB, Discover and Diners Club card.

RuPay International Cards: More Benefits

Besides the massive cashback offered for RuPay International Card, RuPay users can also get special treatment at RuPay affiliated domestic/international airport lounges.

Besides, RuPay has forged partnerships with Thomas Cook and Make My Trip for offering discounted deals on flights and hotels, booked at international locations.

RuPay International Cards cna be used across 190 countries, as they have partnered with Discover Financial Services (DFS) and Japan based JCB International for offering servics across the globe.

There are 60 crore RuPay card users now, and more than 1000 banks have included RuPay into their platform.

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