Reliance Trends Slapped With Rs 30,000 Penalty For Charging Rs 8 For A Paper Bag: Big Win For Consumers?

Reliance Trends Slapped With Rs 30,000 Penalty For Charging Rs 8 For A Carry Bag: Big Win For Consumers?
Reliance Trends Slapped With Rs 30,000 Penalty For Charging Rs 8 For A Carry Bag: Big Win For Consumers?

As per the reports, a district consumer redressal forum has taken Reliance Clothing India for charging Rs 8 for a paper bag along with goods. 

How Did This Happen?

Davinder Singh, a resident of Viman Nagar, in his complaint, stated to have bought two pair of shoes on April 24, 2019, from the store. 

So the shop, located in Phoenix Market City in Viman Nagar, charged him Rs 8 for the paper bag.

Singh, in his complaint to the redressal forum, said that according to the Chandigarh consumer council, the customer is not bound to pay for the bag. 

But when he demanded a refund, the store refused to return the money.

After that the complainant again approached the store on May 17, 2019, citing that no price was printed on the bag for which the charges were imposed.

Moreover, the name of the company was advertised on the bag.

Why Did He File The Complaint?

According to Singh, the treatment meted to him as a customer was not on a par with the basic services which should have been provided by the company and demanded compensation for the same.

Next, a notice was sent to the company accordingly, to which the company issued an apology on May 18, 2019.

The complainant included a demand for a compensation of Rs 1lakh, along with the refund of Rs 8 for the bag through the consumer redressal forum.

Afterworld the forum found all the allegations to be true and took cognizance, stating that the complainant is eligible for compensation. 

What Does The Company Say?

As per the reports, no representation from Reliance appeared in the forum during the entire course of the case, which also favored the judgment towards Singh.

The forum had given a decision in favor of Singh on the grounds of evidence that he submitted, which included the receipt of the bill where the bag was charged. 

Apart from that, the forum has also ordered the clothing company on December 30, 2019, to pay compensation of Rs 25, 000 to complainant Davinder Singh for the inconvenience caused. 

They also found that the company charged an additional Rs 1.22 in the form of taxes as Singh also produced the bag as proof while presenting the case. 

What Does Forum Say?

Citing the Chandigarh consumer council judgment in the case Bata India Limited vs Dinesh Prasad Raturi earlier issued on July 22, 2019, which stated that no charges to be imposed on customers for paper bags and will be handed over for free, the forum ruled in his favor.

Also, the forum said that though an apology through email was produced, it alone was not enough.

They said that the company had resorted to gross violation of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and indulged in unethical business practice.

Also, the court said the apology proves the company is guilty and should compensate for the mental and physical harassment caused to the customer.

The forum has concluded that Singh was eligible for the compensation and refund, the forum ordered the company to refund the charged amount for the bag along with an interest of 9 percent from April 25, 2019.

The court also ordered that compensation be paid to the complainant within 30 days. 

They also warned the company to not resort to such practices again and file an affidavit in this regard.

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