Tech Mahindra’s New HR Policy Is Revolutionary: Same-Sex Couple Will Get 12 Weeks Of Paid Adoption Leave

Tech Mahindra's New HR Policy Is Revolutionary: Same-Sex Couple Will Get 12 Weeks Of Paid Adoption Leave
Tech Mahindra’s New HR Policy Is Revolutionary: Same-Sex Couple Will Get 12 Weeks Of Paid Adoption Leave

One of the leading IT companies, Tech Mahindra, has recently announced the company’s plans of restructuring its policies to expand its branch of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) to create an employee-friendly environment and make sure everyone feels like they belong.

This includes a variety of employees from Indian society, and this includes the LGBTQ+ community, cancer patients and more. 

Tech Mahindra sure seems to be a step ahead of the other organizations and has shown quite a progressive and liberal mind with a wish to keep its employees happy and content.

To know more about all the changes that Tech Mahindra has now introduced in its policies, read on!

Tech Mahindra Creates New HR Policies For LGBT Employees

As we all are familiar, Tech Mahindra is one of the leading organizations that offer digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services and solutions. 

Harshvendra Soin, Chief People Officer, Tech Mahindra, said that Tech Mahindra is a ‘company with a purpose’, and that the company is looking forward to set upon a new journey of ensuring the employees that their needs came first. He also said that the employees ask for a user and customer like experience and a good human experience as well. 

He said, “At Tech Mahindra, we live by the formula of HX = f (UX, CX, EX,… ) that is, Human Experience is a function of {User Experience, Customer Experience, Employee Experience}. Whether we are delivering value to our customers or empowering our associates to RiseTM, Human Experience (HX) underscores every step of our interaction journey.”

Equal Policies For Same-Sex Couples

The new policies have been designed with an intention to make all the employees, including the LGBTQ+ community, new parents, cancer patients and survivors comfortable with the company and instill in them a sense of belonging.

Here’s what the policy says:

  • Tech Mahindra will ensure that new parents, no matter the gender, spend as much time with their newborn child and family in the first year of parenthood. For this, they will be able to enjoy TechM’s Work From Home facility.
  • Same-sex couples will be able to enjoy 12 weeks of paid leave for adoption purposes. They will also be offered bereavement leaves of three days. 
  • There will be support groups created for new parents, cancer patients and survivors will also be created.
  • TechM is working on new policies that will take care of employees at various turning points of their lives, from welcoming a newborn baby in their life to respecting employees who plan to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.
  • There is also an LGBTQ committee called Kaleidoscope in place in various regions to provide them a better lifestyle by sharing experiences and stories to make everyone feel included.
  • Tech Mahindra is also working on a TechMHRNxt initiative, which is a part of the TechMNxt charter to provide employees with a ‘workplace of the future’ experience with the help of advanced technologies and processes.

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