Realme Buds Air Review: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy!

Realme unveiled its first ever truly wireless earbuds in the country, Realme Buds Air at just Rs 3,999 a pair. The pricing makes it probably the most affordable in the market given the brand value and also top-end features, the Buds Air seem to have everything you would need.

Realme Buds Air Review: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy!

So, is the best truly wireless earbuds you can buy under 10,000?

That’s not easy to answer, and definitely Realme Buds Air isn’t the best out there.

So, we aren’t expecting it to be as good as Apple AirPods, but it worth enough?. We would look into whether Realme Buds Air justify the 4,000 bucks you would be paying for, and whether they are good for everyday use at Rs 3,999.

Here’s our Realme Buds Air in-depth review decoding each of features point by point.

Realme Buds Air Design & Build: Comfortable Enough?

The highlighting part of the Realme Buds Air is the design. The Buds Air by Realme have a shocking resemblance to Apple AirPods, the company who started the early trend of wireless pods. Well, Realme Buds Air have the same design as Apple AirPods, and it’s really hard not to ignore it.

It’s fairly same, from the styling of the buds to the charging case.

It’s not a copy, we can say the Realme Buds Air are heavily inspired by the true wireless earphones from Apple, the AirPods. While Realme has different colours to choose from, the white Realme Buds Air variant is very similar to the Apple AirPods.

Leaving the resemblance part, let’s come directly to the point. Are they comfortable enough? Yes, the Realme wireless earphones are pretty comfortable. They aren’t in-ear pods, so be careful using them. 

As AirPods, the Realme Buds Air also come with touch gestures. There are different touch gestures for different purposes, and you need to remember them while using it. 

  • Realme Buds Air pretty comfortable
  • Touch gestures work fine, though you need to work on it
  • Fit is good, but be careful, aren’t good as in-ear pods
  • Passive noise isolation is above average, not the best

Realme Buds Air is available in three different colour combinations: white, black and yellow. In terms of comfort and build quality, they get a thumbs up. You will have to be a bit careful, being truly wireless, the fit isn’t as good as other in-ear pods.

Realme Buds Air Specs & Features: High On Everything?

Realme hasn’t left anything when it comes to specs and features. You get probably all the top-end features you would want on a high-end truly wireless earphones. Realme Buds Air will come with seamless Bluetooth 5.0 support and optimisation. The Buds Air can connect automatically.

So as soon as you open the charging case, the Buds Air will immediately connect to your smartphone.

The Realme buds will come with 12nm dynamic bass boost drivers and will support AAC. Realme will feature instant connection running on R1 chipset.

The company confirmed a dual mic ENC for calling with active noise cancellation. Realme Buds Air run on Realme’s own R1 chip. The company claims it will improve connection speed and stability. There’s even a dedicated gaming mode to reduce connection latency at the cost of sound quality.

All the voice assistants are supported, and be it Android with both Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and also on Apple iOS with Siri.

  • Runs on Realme’s own R1 chip for improved connection speed and stability
  • All voice assistants are supported
  • 12nm dynamic bass boost drivers 
  • Supports AAC
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support and optimisation
  • Dedicated gaming mode to reduce connection latency
  • Qi standard wireless charging supported case with type C wired charging

The wireless charging case comes with USB Type-C charging and it supports wireless charging through the Qi standard. Realme said it will soon launch a 10W wireless charging pad soon compatible with the Buds Air, but it has to be purchased separately.

Realme Buds Air Sound Quality: Worth The Price?

Coming to the question of the hour, is Realme Buds Air worth the price? The charging case or features won’t fill up for bad sound quality. So, does how does Realme Buds Air are in terms of sound quality? In a line, for the price, it does a fair job.

But given other higher priced truly wireless earphones, it have a tough competition here.

The sound quality is good, but certainly not the best out there. In most of the scenarios, the Realme Buds Air did a good job and in some average. It isn’t the only truly wireless earphone available in the same price. If sound quality is your sole concern, this might not be the best choice.

Overall, Realme Buds Air do an above average job for most of the scenarios, be it high-resolution audio tracks, high bass songs. Audio output for streaming services is an issue, and not the best.

They pair up quick, have a very stable connection, is fairly loud. The sound isn’t very crisp, it misses out on depth in the sound.

  • It’s fairly loud, not the crispiest
  • High-resolution and high bass tracks sound fine
  • Some issues with streaming platforms
  • Voice quality is really good
  • Dual mic 
  • No problem with calls
  • Gaming mode with low latency mode is okay

You will have no problems during calls, and there are two microphones on each earbud, and thus the person on the other side won’t have any issue listening to your voice. The calls went smooth and be heard clearly. You can also use one with the in the case and the dedicated gaming mode does offer average  results with the low-latency mode.

Realme Buds Air Standby: How’s The Buds Air Battery?

The company initially claimed that the Realme Buds Air will offer a total battery life of 17 hours. That’s in comparison to 24 hours standby by Apple AirPods 2. Well, battery life on the Realme Buds Air is fine, but not as good as the company claims. The Realme earbuds can run for a total of three to three and a half hours on a full charge.

The case will be able to offer another four hours of full charges for a total of 15 hours of use per charge cycle. 

Realme Buds Air Verdict: Should You Buy?

Realme Buds Air are good, and they offer almost everything at this price. Designed decently, the Realme Buds doesn’t score high in all the departments. At 3,999, the Buds Air come with features such as wireless charging, 12nm dynamic bass boost drivers, AAC support, Bluetooth 5.0.

It packs in a special wireless R1 chip for connectivity and stability backed by touch gesture controls.

Coming to the major part, the sound quality, here the Realme Buds Air did an average job. It’s good, but certainly not the best. Though Realme Buds Air did good with voice calls without any issue. 

The sound quality is an issue with the Buds Air, but the features it offers makes up for the rest. In case you are looking for some of the crispiest of audio output, you would be disappointed. In all, at Rs 3,999 the Realme Buds Air offer a design design, top-notch features and decent sound quality.

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