Another 20 Year Old Dies While Playing PUBG: 5 Tragic Deaths Which Happened Due To PUBG

Another 20 Year Old Dies While Playing PUBG: 5 Tragic Deaths Which Happened Due To PUBG
Another 20 Year Old Dies While Playing PUBG: 5 Tragic Deaths Which Happened Due To PUBG

The addiction of PUBG and the casualties that the videogame is causing aren’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. There is yet another news of another life being claimed by PUBG today. 

The craze of social media apps and the damage they inflict upon the society is grave, but despite the growing number of accidents, the popularity of the apps don’t show any deflection.

A 20-year-old youth has lost his life today because of the extreme addiction and indulgence in the videogame, and this is not the first time people have lost lives due to addiction to videogames. 

PUBG Claims Life Of 20 Year Old; Drinks Chemical Instead Of Water

Saurabh Yadav, aged 20, was a resident of Gwalior and worked as a parking lot attendant. He was travelling from Gwalior to Agra with a friend, Santosh Sharma. They were travelling for Sharma’s work related to his business of ornament polishing.

They carried a single bag for their possessions. The deceased, Yadav, was reportedly playing PUBG while they were travelling. He was so engrossed in playing the videogame that he took out the bottle of chemical used by Sharma for cleaning and polishing ornaments, and drank it without checking what was in the bottle. 

The GRP station in charge said, “It caused deterioration in his health and he collapsed near Morena (between Agra and Gwalior). Saurabh was dead by the time the train reached the Agra Cantt railway station.” 

The incident has once again shown us the game has us totally engulfed in it and the dire consequences of addiction. 

Gruesome History Of PUBG: Five Deaths Caused By PUBG

Shockingly, this is not the first time that people have lost their lives to the addiction of PUBG. PUBG has quite a tainted name, and here are some of the awful accidents that shook India:

  1. An eighteen-year-old teenager in Mumbai chose to commit suicide when his parents didn’t give him a smartphone of his choice. He specifically wanted this phone to play PUBG. 
  2. Another horrifying incident was when a 15-year-old boy in Bhiwandi of Maharashtra killed his elder brother because the latter asked him not to play the game.
  3. A sixteen-year-old from Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch succumbed to a cardiac arrest after playing PUBG for six consecutive hours. 
  4. A seventeen-year-old from Jind, Haryana, committed suicide because his mother forbade him from playing too much PUBG.
  5. Another 14 year old from Andhra Pradesh attempted suicide after not being allowed to play PUBG. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. 

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