BSNL Price Hike: These 6 Prepaid Plans Will Help You To Save Money Before Rates Increase

6 BSNL Prepaid Plans To Save Money Before Rates Increase
6 BSNL Prepaid Plans To Save Money Before Rates Increase

State-owned BSNL has also decided to hike the prices of their prepaid plans, mimicking the movements of Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and Reliance Jio as well.

All these telecom operators have recently announced their hikes which will be effective from December 3, 2019. Vodafone-Idea has announced an increase of about 42% in their tariff rates, and Airtel is not very far behind

While BSNL has not announced the date or a timeline of any sort for their plans to go live, but we have the details of the plans.

Here are the plans of BSNL that you can buy which will save you some money:

BSNL Rs 437 Prepaid Plan

This plan is the one that costs the least, at only Rs. 437, and it is the most popular. The benefits that this plan offers are – 1 GB free data per day, with 100 SMS and 250 minutes calling per day. This plan will be valid for 90 days. 

BSNL Rs 666 Prepaid Plan

The next plan BSNL offers is for Rs. 666, and will be valid for 122 days. As for the benefits that this plan will offer, there is 2.5 GB until the end of the year, after which it will change to 1.5 GB per day. There will also be 250 minutes of voice calling every day, however, this is not available for Delhi and Mumbai. 

BSNL Rs 997 Prepaid Plan

This plan by BSNL is available for Rs. 997 and has some great benefits. It will be valid for 180 days, and offers 3 GB data per day to the users. There will also be 250 minutes of voice data, which is also available for Delhi and Mumbai, unlike the previous one. Other than that, this plan also offers 100 SMS per day and PRBT for two months. 

BSNL Rs 999 Prepaid Plan

This plan offers only voice calling and no internet data benefit, hence, if you don’t need an internet connection on your phone, you should opt for this plan. There will be 250 minutes voice calling per day and the validity of this is 220 days. 

BSNL Rs 1,699 Prepaid Plan

This is a yearly plan, which means it is valid for 365 days and offers 2 GB data per day. As for the voice calling, this plan gives you 250 minutes of calling every day. 

BSNL Rs 1,999 Prepaid Plan

This plan is also valid for 365 days, wherein the subscribers will get 3 GB internet data per day and 250 minutes for calling. There will also be 100 SMS per day and PRBT

We’ll let you know when BSNL sets the date for these plans to go live!

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