Tata Sky Stops New Users From Choosing Long-Term Packs; This Means New Users Can’t Save Money!

Tata Sky Stops New Users From Choosing Long-Term Packs; This Means New Users Can't Save Money!
Tata Sky Stops New Users From Choosing Long-Term Packs; This Means New Users Can’t Save Money!

The digital evolution is growing exponentially and seeing no stop signs. Platforms such as Netflix and YouTube have led way to so many Over the Content and video content that getting access to such medium for awareness and entertainment is getting easier and easier as each day passes.

As a result, the sales of DTH services have shown an unprecedented drop this year. People have diverted their means of content absorption to other, more familiar mediums.

However not all good has been dissolving. Just last week we covered an article about Tata Sky is giving away an Amazon Fire TV Stick free with every new High Definition set-top box connection, naming this deal as Amazon Fire TV Stick – Tata Sky Edition.

Today however, we bring another story to you related to Tata Sky. For anyone who is looking forward to having a Tata Sky subscription, the latter has reportedly stopped offering long term channel packs to its new subscribers. 

Tata Sky Stops Long Term Channel Packs for New Subscribers

It has been reported that Tata Sky will no longer be providing its long term channel packs, like the six-month channel pack or the annual channel pack to the new subscribers, in order to save on subscription costs.

Good for the ones who watch Malyalam and Marathi channels, these are the only two regional language channel packs which will be available for semi-annual or annual channel packs for the newly subscribed customers of Tata Sky. These packs can be subscribed in SD quality.

Earlier, Tata Sky subscribers could also go for SD Kannada Super, SD Kannada Value, SD Telugu Super, SD Kerala Super, SD Tamil Super, SD Telugu Value, Tamil Super Annual, SD Kannada Super Annual, SD Telugu Super Annual, and other packs for six-month or 12-month duration. It is to be noted that these conditions will not impact the existing Tata Sky subscribers who have already subscribed to a long term pack.

Tata Sky’s Promotional Moves

Separately, Tata Sky has withdrawn a promotional offer that provided free six-month subscription of Tata Sky Binge service on getting a new HD set-top box at Rs. 4,999, along with a cashback of Rs 2500.

Tata Sky is bundling up a free Amazon Fire TV Stick – Tata Sky Edition with every new High Definition (HD) set-top box, at no extra cost. The original price of this Amazon Fire TV Stick is Rs 3,999, which would otherwise come free, paired with the HD STB connection of Tata Sky. Also, Tat Sky is extending this offer to its existing customers too, who need to upgrade to the HD STB to avail this.

Tata Sky Binge is also bundling the premium subscriptions for streaming services such as Hotstar Premium, Eros Now, Zee5, Hungama Play and SunNxt.

Tata Sky Binge is priced at Rs 249 a month and with premium subscriptions of the aforementioned services, it is also letting its customers enjoy a limited time Amazon Prime subscription that allows access to Amazon Video streaming. 

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