Black Friday 2019: How To Shop Discounted Products From India? [5 Practical Tips]

Black Friday 2019: How To Shop Discounted Products From India? [5 Practical Tips]
Black Friday 2019: How To Shop Discounted Products From India? [5 Practical Tips]

The much-awaited Black Friday is here, and if you are planning to grab some unbelievable deals, here’s your chance. Celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, the Black Friday sales have sellers offering items at rock bottom discounts and massive price cuts.

The Black Friday sales lately have gained popularity in India, and you can directly buy from the US.

Companies are offering worldwide shipping, and hence you can get your favourite products shipped to India directly at dirt cheap prices. Black Friday is celebrated after the fourth Thursday of every November, and this year it’s on November 29.

Black Friday 2019 Sales: How To Shop From India?

Both online and offline retailers offer an array of deals on Black Friday, but you can only shop online. Most of the biggest online retailers in the US offer Black Friday deals for all and ship worldwide including India.

You can also use a third-party shipping service to get your product delivered in India. 

The third party shipping services only charge you for the shipping. So pay the special price for the product to the retailer, and you’ll have to pay the additional shipping and customs charges to the courier for the product to be shipped to India.

Black Friday 2019 Shopping Tips: 5 Points To Use

Before you make an international purchase on the Black Day, here’s a few tips you must remember during the Black Days sales.

Do Your Own Research

You must do your research before making any purchase. Start early, and make sure you complete the transaction soon enough. The products on sale are limited, and they go out of stock really quick. Start by researching prices of any particular item on different portals you want to buy, and keep added to cart of list them.

This is before the sale starts. After the sales start, check again to see the real discount. 

Buying A Smartphone At Black Friday Sale

Most smartphones in the US come bundled with carriers, so basically they are locked, making them useless in India. But there are portals who offer deals on unlocked phones. If you are able to get a good deal on an unlocked smartphone, you can choose to buy.

Do note, don’t buy a smartphone just because it’s listed at a cheaper price, make sure it’s unlocked.

Import Duties & International Shipping Charges

Calculate the other additional charges very minutely. The product you are buying from US will include shipping and import duties. So check the final price on the cart, compare it with the local price of the product in India, and then place an order.

It’s easier to buy here, and even you can return it if there’s any issue with the product.

Start Planning Now

Most of the portals have already listed the deals, so plan what you want to buy during the Black Friday sales. Start with comparing the prices on all the platforms and make a list of the products you’re interested in. Also, an important part is to compare it with the local prices as well.

After import duties and international shipping, if the prices are almost similar, it doesn’t make sense to buy from the US. 

Compare Prices On Black Day Sale

It’s important to check and compare prices on the day of the sale. Compare the US price with the local prices. Most people go for electronics which are not available locally or are overpriced in the country. It’s recommended to not go for any high priced products or something which may break during transit. 

Don’t buy anything which you’re unsure of just because you think it’s a great deal or if it’s something that’s on sale for the first time.

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