Before Price Hike, Airtel Users Can Opt For Advanced Prepaid Plans To Save Money: How Does Queuing Works?

Before Price Hike, Airtel Users Can Opt For These Advanced Prepaid Plans To Save Money: How Does Queuing Works?
Before Price Hike, Airtel Users Can Opt For These Advanced Prepaid Plans To Save Money: How Does Queuing Works?

Here is a piece of story that will sure-sightedly provide you with important information, especially the ones with who are using the telecom service provider, Bharti Airtel.

If you aren’t aware, with the onset of December 1, all the prepaid tariff plans for telecom subscribers are going to increase, i.e. a price hike, worrying a lot of subscribers. Even Reliance Jio prepaid customers are sitting on the edge because the telco already announced a price hike.

However, a good thing with Jio, is that it allows its customers to queue their prepaid plans of unlimited number, which means that a prepaid customer can purchase another or the same tariff pack before the expiry of his current one, in advance.

This lets the customer to enjoy the benefits of the other purchased pack queued for whenever its date is set to come without worrying about any hike in prices of the said pack in future, especially in instances as such, when a customer already knows that the tariff plans are going to hike in another 5 days’ time.

Airtel Allows Prepaid Plan Queuing Too

All that being said about Jio, what majority of people are unaware about is the fact that even Bharti Airtel allows its prepaid users to queue the plans. Similar to Jio, Airtel is also allowing users to queue unlimited prepaid plans so that the next recharge activates once the current recharge expires.

However, Airtel is allowing users to queue only the unlimited combo plans right now. Like we said, with the onset of December 1, prepaid tariff plans are expected to receive a hike of at least 15-20%, meaning the currently Rs 199 plan may retail at Rs 219 or more than that. 

Even though Reliance Jio was the first operator in the country to come up with the prepaid plan queuing feature, AIrtel hasn’t missed the opportunity to follow its rival’s idea and start its own unlimited plans available for queuing that not many know of.

For instance, if an Airtel customer is already on the Rs 399 prepaid recharge and the validity of the pack is left by two days, he/she can go ahead and recharges the same Rs 399 plan ahead of the current plan expiry, which will queue the newly recharged pack and automatically activate it after 2 days.

Airtel customers can even queue the yearly prepaid plan of Rs 1,699. This news is officially confirmed by the Airtel customer careexecutive. However, to queue a prepaid plan, Airtel customers must have to be on an unlimited combo plan. 

An Airtel customer on Smart Recharge of Rs 245 cannot queue an unlimited combo plan of Rs 199 or Rs 399 or any other denomination. In such a case, the newly recharged plan will be activated immediately.

In addition, if the customer faces any issues with this feature, they can get in touch with the company via Airtel Thanks app or website to get the issue resolved.

The Process of Queuing Airtel Prepaid Plans

The process is pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re an unlimited combo plan user and want another recharge to be queued, head over to any recharge portal (Airtel Thanks app or Paytm or any other recharge portal) to complete the recharge.

Airtel will not activate the newly recharged prepaid plan. It’ll instead display the validity of the current plan and inform that the upcoming plan shall be activated in the designated number of days.

So, if you’re worried about the upcoming prepaid tariffs hike, this feature comes in extremely handy as you can even queue the yearly pack of Rs 1,699.

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