Mother Of 3 Kids From Mumbai Wants TikTok To Be Banned In India; Court Will Hear This PIL Soon

Mother Of 3 Kids From Mumbai Wants TikTok To Be Banned In India; Court Will Hear This PIL Soon
Mother Of 3 Kids From Mumbai Wants TikTok To Be Banned In India; Court Will Hear This PIL Soon

Tiktok has been winning hearts all over the world, especially India, but there still are people who want the app to be banned, and this time, its a mother of three children, all minors.

A Mumbai based woman, who is the mother of three minors has asked the Bombay High Court to ban the popular video uploading and sharing app. 

Tiktok already has a troubled history in India, with being actually banned and causing a lot of controversies that included some gruesome deaths as well.

Find out why the woman from Mumbai is asking for a ban on Tiktok right here!

Mother Of Three Minors Asks For TikTok To Be Banned; Files Petition

Heena Darvesh, a mother of three children, all under the age of 18, has moved the Bombay High Court and filed a PIL as well. She has also asked the government to provide records of deaths because of the accidents caused by Tiktok. 

She said that the app is responsible for the negative effects on children and young adults. It is also responsible for the addiction of people to Tiktok that is common these days.

In the petition, she says that Tiktok is responsible for spreading hatred, disbalance and enmity among religious groups, and also for affecting the diversity of the country. She also accused the app of tainting the country’s reputation. 

The petition states, “Whether the TikTok app is wasting the time, money, resources of the executive and judiciary machineries of the country?”

Darvesh states in her petition that two FIRs were registered in July of this year after controversial videos or audios emerged and set off religious enmity. Despite this, there has been no action taken against the company that is responsible for the app and its content. 

TikTok’s Troubled History in India: Banned, Controversies and More

Tiktok, despite being downloaded the most by Indians, has had quite a beleaguered run in the country. The app has been the recipient of a lot of criticism and has been responsible for a lot of unfortunate incidents as well.

Tamil Nadu government had also asked for a ban accusing the app of damaging Indian culture, which was backed up by the Tamil Nadu Information Technology Minister, M Manikandan. 

This was followed by the Indian Government actually imposing a ban on the app, with the Madras High Court saying that the platform is polluting youngsters. The ban was soon lifted by the HC, and Tiktok became legal and available to be downloaded again. 

However, soon again the troubles for Tiktok began as Govt blamed Tiktok for anti-national activities as well, and several extremist accounts being removed from the app. 

We wonder if TikTok will be banned from India again as the number of complaints against the app hasn’t dwindled down despite the ban. 

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