[Rare Case] Infosys Files FIR Over Fake Job Racket In Bengaluru After Thousands Are Cheated

[Rare Case] Infosys Files FIR Over Fake Job Racket In Bengaluru After Thousands Are Cheated
[Rare Case] Infosys Files FIR Over Fake Job Racket In Bengaluru After Thousands Are Cheated

Job scams are not entirely new for India: Every year, we witness thousands of job seekers getting scammed by fraudsters, who promise them assured jobs, in exchange of money.

But in a rare case, Infosys, one of the biggest IT giants in India, have filed an FIR over such fake job racket which happened in Bengaluru.

This is indeed a solid, and very timely response from the IT company, which will help to stop such frauds.

Infosys Files FIR Over Fake Jobs

A person named as Sumesh faked himself as Infosys recruiter, and asked job seekers to give him a commission, based on which he promised assured job in the company.

It is not clear, as to how many job seekers were duped, and how much amount was paid, but this case of fake job offers certainly raised some heat, and Infosys was compelled to file an FIR against Sumesh.

This has been confirmed by Santosh Kumar Nair from the HR Department in Infosys. It has been stated that there is no HR with the same of Sumesh in the company, and any such offer of ‘assured job’ by paying commission is fake.

Infosys Will Never Hire Recruiting Agents

Santosh, who is the HR at Infosys has said, “The company has a strict policy of not using agents to secure talent,”

In the earlier cases of such fraudsters faking as Infosys HR, there used to be no legal action. But Infosys used to mention this fact in their job advertisements, that they will never hire any agent for recruitment, and every hiring at Infosys is purely based on merit, and merit alone.

On their job openings page, Infosys has categorically stated: “Infosys follows a merit-based employee recruitment practice with extensive screening steps. 

Warning all job seekers about such frauds, the company states that “there has been an increase in recruitment fraud involving scammers who post fraudulent job openings, or who contact jobseekers with fake job offers.

Police Launches Investigation

Based on the FIR filed by Infosys, Bengaluru police has launched an investigation against Sumesh under the Information Technology Act, 2000. The main charges are cheating, and cheating by impersonation.

In February this year, Bengaluru police had arrested Darshan and his wife Nikhita Gowda, for scamming Rs 15 crore out of job seekers, promising them with jobs which never came.

Hence, if police takes action against such fraudsters, then things can be stopped.

Kudos to Infosys for taking this scam seriously, and taking action against the fraudsters.

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