Flipkart #1 In Consumer Complaints Followed By Jio, Amazon; Ecommerce #1 In Complaints!?

Flipkart #1 In Consumer Complaints Followed By Jio, Amazon; Ecommerce #1 In Complaints!?
Flipkart #1 In Consumer Complaints Followed By Jio, Amazon; Ecommerce #1 In Complaints!?

In 2017, Govt. of India and Consumer Affairs Ministry had launched a National Consumer Helpline, for helping customers deal with bad service and unfilled promises.

Now, latest numbers have been revealed, related to the complaints received by this helpline, and as per the statistics, Flipkart has emerged #1 portal to have received the most number of complaints.

Overall, ecommerce industry has received 20% of all complaints, thereby becoming #1 sector for consumer grievances.

Flipkart Received More Complaints Than Amazon

As per the official stats shared by Consumer Ministry, Flipkart is #1 in receiving consumer complaints. Ast #2 is Jio for receiving telecom related complaints, and at #3 is Amazon India.

In their defence, Flipkart has stated that they receive 30 crore orders a year, and they are working with Govt. agencies to resolve all disputes and grievances related to their services.

In their official statement, Flipkart stated: “We endeavour to guide our new customers on how to navigate the Flipkart app, policies and terms and conditions. We also undertake several consumer education programmes that focus on driving awareness on safe e-commerce transactions.”

Amazon India too has confirmed that they are working to resolve the complaints received via National Consumer Helpline.

Jio hasn’t responded yet.

Ecommerce #1 In Receiving Complaints

Among all the sectors, 20% of all complaints received via helpline was related with ecommerce orders.

Major complaints were products not received as per the promise, fake products, problems faced while exchanging and returning the products and late delivery of products.

A Govt official said, “We have seen in many cases, a customer orders online for a cell phone but ends up receiving bricks or stones in the packet. Customers are duped like this..”

Telecom Industry, Banking Sectors Also In Top

Meanwhile, telecom sector and banking sector were also ranked prominent in receiving complaints.

When it comes to telecom sector, then the major issues faced by consumers were related with overcharging for services, bad network, and sudden data reduction.

Jio is #1 is telecom sector for receiving complaints.

An unnamed bank too has been named in the Govt. report.

Overall, out of 500,000+ complaints received, 100,000 or 20% belonged to ecommerce. While 41,600 complaints were related with banks, 29,000 complaints were for telecom sector.

Consumers can complain at 1800114000 OR 14404.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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