Man Robbed Of Rs 4 Lakh While Canceling His Food Order Via ‘Toll Free’ Number (Never Do This!)

Man Robbed Of Rs 4 Lakh While Canceling His Food Order Via ‘Toll Free’ Number (Never Do This!)
Man Robbed Of Rs 4 Lakh While Canceling His Food Order Via ‘Toll Free’ Number (Never Do This!)

In yet another bizarre case of online fraud, a person from Lucknow was robbed of Rs 4 lakh, when all he wanted to do was cancel an online food delivery.

That cancellation proved to be quite an expensive one.

Find out the modus operandi, and what you should avoid!

Rs 4 Lakh Robbed While Cancelling Online Food Order

A person from Lucknow, UP, ordered his food using a food delivery app last week.

After some time, he thought of cancelling this order. Unable to find the customer care number on the app, he searched ‘toll free numbers’ and got hold of one.

Unfortunately, that toll free number he called was a scam, and the fraudsters convinced him to share his bank account details, in order to get the refund for his food delivery.

Once the details were shared, the man was shocked to find that Rs 4 lakh has been withdrawn from his bank account.

Modus Operandi Of This Online Fraud

The fraudsters on the other end asked this person to download an app, and then open his bank account on the mobile. He was also asked to enter the bank account details in this app that he installed.

After some time, he received an OTP, and was asked to share it. Once the OTP was shared, Rs 4 lakh was withdrawn from his bank account. 

The person said, “As soon as I entered my bank details in the app, I received a one-time password (OTP). The caller asked me to enter the OTP to get the refund. However, within minutes Rs 4 lakh was debited from my bank account..”

How Did It Happen?

As per the police, the fraudsters had asked the person to download an app, which enabled remote sharing of the mobile screen.

And then, once the bank account details were added and shared with the fraudsters, then it was a matter of time before the money was siphoned off.

Station Incharge of that area has confirmed that investigations are on, and the criminals would be nabbed.

Never Share OTP With Anyone

Using a similar modus operandi, a women from Bengaluru lost Rs 90,000, after she called a fake Swiggy helpline number, and shared her OTP.

In yet another case in Indore, a person was robbed of Rs 2.2 lakh, while ordering food online.

In yet another case of fraud toll free numbers, a woman from Bengaluru was robbed when she called a restaurant’s fake number to book a table.

Even Punjab CM’s wife is a victim of such frauds.

Stay alert, stay vigil. 

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