India’s Only Private Train Generated Rs 2.3 Lakh Profit/Day In 1st Month; Tejas Express Is A Hit!

The results of the first-ever privately operated train of the Indian Railways, the Tejas Express, are out! The train that runs between Lucknow and Delhi has incurred a great profit, and the numbers truly look great.

This Tejas express also won people’s hearts when they compensated money to its passengers because the train ran late.

Find out the profits of the Tejas Express right here!

Tejas Express: India’s First Ever Privately Run Train

In July this year, Indian Railways announced that the trains will be privatised, i.e., private players will be operating trains of India. The first venture of this project is the Tejas Express, which is run by the ticketing arm of the Indian Railways, IRCTC. 

No sooner was the train’s schedules and tickets were announced, more than 2000 tickets were booked only within two days, which definitely spoke volumes about the train’s success. 

The Tejas Express that travelled between Lucknow and Delhi offered a plethora of high-end facilities to its passengers such as fully air-conditioned chair car train services, personalized infotainment screens, footrests in the executive class, call buttons for attendants, personalized reading lights, modular bio-toilets. 

There was also a wide variety of food items on the menu including refreshments and the whole paraphernalia! 

Tejas Express’ Huge Profits: The Numbers Are Out!

IRCTC run Tejas Express has had an average occupancy of 80-85 per cent ever since it made its debut on the rails, which was in the first week of October. The train runs 6 days a week, and the IRCTC’s expenditure for running the train has been about Rs. 3 crores. This expenditure is between the time period of October 5 and October 21. 

As per reports, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) spent an average of Rs. 14 lakhs per day to keep the train up and running. This also includes the high end facilities that the ticketing arm offered its passengers. 

The Tejas Express earned about Rs. 17.50 lakh daily from the fares of the passengers on a daily basis. 

Coming to the point, the profit that the Tejas Express incurred is around Rs 70 lakh in the first month of its running, i.e., October. Whereas, the total revenue that was earned was Rs. 3.70 crore by selling Tejas’ tickets.

This shows that privately run trains is definitely a good idea, as they have proved they are beneficial for both the owners and the passengers! 

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