Charge For 10 Minutes, Drive 320 Kms; US Scientists Unleash A Battery Revolution!

Charge For 10 Minutes, Drive 320 Kms; US Scientists Unleash A Battery Revolution!
Charge For 10 Minutes, Drive 320 Kms; US Scientists Unleash A Battery Revolution!

Despite the Government’s push for electric vehicles, we all know why we avoid such electric vehicles – the frequent charging that the electric motors require. 

But there has been a groundbreaking invention in the US, a battery that can run for an entire 200 miles, which is about 320 or 321 in kilometers on a single charge. 

But the feature on this battery that has won all our hearts is that you can go this huge distance of 320 kilometers only by charging the battery for about 10 minutes!

Find about all the details about this revolution of a battery right here!

US Researchers’ Technological Breakthrough: Here’s How They Did It!

For a battery to charge in ten minutes and travel for 200 miles or 320 km, the battery is expected to get charged through a 400 kilowatt source of energy . 

Regular batteries on electric motors are not capable of taking such a heavy charge, the reason being the lithium plating. The lithium plating is at risk, and in turn, risks the metallic lithium around the anode. This has a drastic impact on the life of the battery, diminishing it even more. 

To bypass this particular issue, a team of researchers at The Pennsylvania State University came up with a brainy solution. They increased the temperature of the battery that they were experimenting on to about 60 degrees Celsius during the cycle’s charging. As it was being used, the team gradually lowered it back.

As per the senior author Chao-Yang Wang, who is a mechanical engineer at The Pennsylvania State University, this increasing and decreasing of temperature is done to “limit the battery’s exposure to the elevated charge temperature, thus generating a very long cycle life.” 

Fast Charging Batteries Might Take A Decade To Launch

Rick Sachleben, a member of the American Chemical Society said that making the design on a bigger scale and making it available in the market will take as long as a decade. 

He also said that makers of such batteries need to be extremely careful and look to it that such changes in temperature is done with caution, as it may lead to unfortunate incidents like explosions, which are possible given the high amount of energy being harnessed. 

He also said, “Fast charging is one of the holy grails of electric vehicles. It’s one of the things that is necessary for them to compete with petroleum-fueled internal combustion engines.”

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