Indian Railways Rolls Out OTP-Based Refund For Cancelled Tickets: How It Works?

Indian Railways Rolls Out OTP-Based Refund For Cancelled Tickets: How It Works?
Indian Railways Rolls Out OTP-Based Refund For Cancelled Tickets: How It Works?

Indian Railways has rolled out an innovative, and fool-proof process for ticket cancellation and refund, for all passengers.

However, this new process is applicable only for those tickets, which have been booked by travel agents.

OTP Based Ticket Cancellation And Refund Process: The Need

When a passenger books a ticket via railways agent, then the issue of refund had been an issue. The money to the Indian Railways is paid by the agent, whereas the customer pays the fare plus agent fees to the agent.

Now, when the ticket cancelled, then the money used to be refunded to the agent, and then the agent was supposed to pay to the passenger.

It caused wastage of time, and lack of transparency.

In several cases, the agents used to delay the refund, citing delay from Indian Railways, whereas the passenger demanded instant refund, just like online booking or cancellation via counter.

But not anymore, since now, an innovative OTP based refund process has been rolled out. This will also cover those tickets, which are wait-listed.

IRCTC, in a press release said, “It is a user-friendly facility wherein passenger will come to know about the exact refund amount received by agent on his behalf against cancelled ticket or fully wait-listed dropped ticket,

OTP Based Refund Process: How It Will Work

Step 1: While booking a train ticket via agent, the customer is mandated to share their mobile number. The ticket is delivered at this mobile number only.

Step 2: Now, in case the passenger wants to cancel this ticket booked through the agent, then immediately after cancellation, the passenger will receive an OTP on this registered mobile number.

Step 3: This OTP will have the confirmation for the cancelled ticket, and the amount which is being refunded back. 

Step 4: The passenger needs to share this OTP with the travel agent, and get the money back instantly.

Step 4: In case of bulk tickets, the passenger needs to share atleast one mobile number of a passenger, who is listed in that ticket. That same number will receive the OTP during cancellation.

This OTP based refund process will certainly make the entire cancellation and refund process more transparent, and enable the travel agents to serve their customers in a better, and faster way.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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