Android Users Will Ditch Whatsapp & Use SMS Again: Messenger Revolution Coming?

Android Users Will Stop Using Whatsapp & Use SMS Again: Messenger Revolution Coming?
Android Users Will Stop Using Whatsapp & Use SMS Again: Messenger Revolution Coming?

When we think about the days when we communicated with one another over SMSes, we sure are thankful for the advancements in technology, smartphones and last but not the least, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other such instant messaging platforms!

But the news is that Whatsapp and the other such messengers might soon be replaced by the good old SMSing. 

Four major carriers from the US, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have joined hands to get the SMSes on our phones working on the RCS ecosystem.

What is this RCS ecosystem? How will it make SMSing better? Find out all the details right here!

Top 4 Carriers From US Develop The RCS System 

The four telecom operators have come together to make the regular SMSing stronger; as much as or even more than Whatsapp currently is. 

What is RCS – RCS means Rich Communication Services, which uses mobile data or Wi-Fi to send or receive SMSes, and this is how SMSing will be able to take over the popular Whatsapp. 

The plan to enable SMSing through RTS has been in the pipeline for a long time, and in spite of the US and Google putting their shoulder to wheel, their hard work bore no fruit.

Until now.

Now, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon started their journey towards taking over Whatsapp, by creating the CCMI – Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative, which is meant to be the next generation message delivery system. This CCMI technology will assuredly bring about the RCS based messaging for Android by next year. 

To get all this, it is primary that all the carriers come together to build and develop the RCS app.

However, we have no idea about the privacy aspect of this app, as there is no news about if it will offer end-to-end encryption or not. In today’s day and age, with our privacy being disturbed left, right and centre, it’s quite hard to determine how the carriers will be able to get people to use their app. 

How Does The Rich Communication Services (RCS) System Enhance SMSing?

  • Through the RCS, people will be able to send messages that will have about 8000 characters, whereas the character limit on the regular messaging system was 160 characters only. 
  • Similar to WhatsApp, there will be some new features, such as read receipts, and people will also be able to know when the other person is typing. 
  • Through the RCS messaging app, people can send and receive photos and videos as well. 
  • People can also create group chats that can include as much as 100 people.
  • The RCS text service can also work over Wi-fi and mobile data. 

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