TikTok Turning Into Terrorist Propaganda Hub? Several Extremist Accounts Removed

TikTok Turning Into Terrorist Propaganda Hub? Several Extremist Accounts Removed
TikTok Turning Into Terrorist Propaganda Hub? Several Extremist Accounts Removed

Now, fresh trouble is brewing up for World’s fastest growing video sharing app TikTok.

After being accused of promoting dangerous stunts, anti-national activities and for spoiling the culture and tradition of countries, TikTok is now being targeted by terrorists to spread their hatred and extremism.

Infact, TikTok is aware of this issue, and several hundreds of accounts have been removed due to the same reason.

But, how will TikTok manage this mess now?

TikTok Being Used By Terrorists

The Wall Street Journal reports that a social media analytics and intelligence firm called StoryFul has found that that viral video sharing app TikTok is now being used and exploited by terrorists.

Extremist and terrorist organizations have spread their fangs deep into TikTok, as they have created multiple accounts, and spreading extremist videos to target the youth.

Since youths form the biggest demographic group on TikTok, such terrorist organizations are attempting to target them, and influence them via such videos.

TikTok’s massive reach and popularity is being grossly abused by terrorists now.

What Is The Purpose Of Terrorists?

Right now, US is withdrawing its army from Syria, and there is a void which these terrorists are attempting to fill, via fresh recruitment.

And what better platform it can be right now, other than TikTok.

Videos wherein youngsters are brandishing their guns, and calls for religious war and sacrifices are being widely circulated via TikTok, which have been verified by Wall Street Journal journalists.

These short videos are created with the purpose of brain-washing the youth, and inspiring them to join these terrorist organizations.

TikTok Responds; But Task Is Difficult

TikTok is clearly aware of the issue, and have already removed dozens of such accounts which are acting as propaganda channels.

In a statement, ByteDance owned TikTok stated, “Content promoting terrorist organisations have absolutely no place on TikTok. We permanently ban any such accounts and associated devices as soon as identified, and we continuously develop ever-stronger controls to proactively detect suspicious activities.”

However, TikTok does have a challenge.

With more than 50 crore users on TikTok, it becomes almost impossible to censor and check and remove accounts manually, based on specific content filters.

TikTok is right now using a mixture of human editing and machine learning to filter such content, but with 400% growth across 20 countries and 36 languages, TikTok has a task at hand.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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