Swiggy Customer Refuses Delivery From A Muslim; Police Complaint Filed Against Customer

Swiggy Customer Refuses Delivery From A Muslim; Police Complaint Filed Against Customer
Swiggy Customer Refuses Delivery From A Muslim; Police Complaint Filed Against Customer

Once again, the issue of religion has creeped into the new-age gig economy, and once again, humanity has been ashamed.

However this time, the victim has decided to take this matter forward, legally.

Swiggy Customer Refuses To Accept Delivery From A Muslim

Ajay Kumar, who stays in Aliabad area of Hyderabad, had ordered a food item from Grand Bawarchi restaurant at Falaknuma. In the special instructions note, he asked that only a Hindu delivery boy should deliver his order.

Pretty weird, in a way.

However, when he saw that a Muslim delivery executive called Mudassir came to his home to delivery his food, he refused to accept.

He even called Swiggy customer care, and lodged a protest.

When he was informed that he will incur a cancellation charge, he had no problem with that, and cancelled the order.

Mudassir, the Muslim delivery executive said, “He asked my name and when I revealed my identity, he was angry. He shouted at me for not honouring his preferences. He said he was rejecting the delivery, because I was a Muslim,”

Police Complaint Filed Against The Customer

In an interesting turn of events, Mudassir then contacted Amzadullah Khan, who is the president of a political party called Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT).

Based on his advice, a police complaint was filed against Ajay Kumar, the Swiggy customer, and the basis of this complaint was ‘creating differences between Hindus and Muslims in Telangana.’

Police hasn’t filed an FIR yet, and investigation is currently on against Ajay Kumar for refusing to accept delivery from a Muslim.

The complaint has been lodged at Shalibanda police station.

Mudassir is a Post Graduate in Science, and refused to accept this discrimination, rightly so. Interestingly, the restaurant from where the order was placed, belongs to a Muslim, and food was also prepared by a Muslim.

Incidences Where Religion Dictated Terms

In July this year, a similar issue was highlighted, when a Hindu customer from Zomato refused to accept delivery from a Muslim executive.

This happened in Madhya Pradesh.

Zomato’s stunning reply on Twitter actually won everyone’s heart, as they said that food has no religion.

Last year, Airtel had to deal with this religious discrimination, when a customer refused help from a Muslim executive.

There was a uproar last year, when a Muslim job applicant was refused a job, because of his religion.

We hope that Swiggy and the police are able to handle this case fairly, and set a new precedent for promoting Hindu Muslim unity.

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