Central Govt. Employees Will Get Assured Promotion; Govt. Accepts 7th Pay Commission Recommendations (Details Inside)

Central Govt. Employees Will Get Assured Promotion
Central Govt. Employees Will Get Assured Promotion

The Union Govt has been in a lot of action these days. Just yesterday we covered a story about it giving Thumbs up to Hyundai’s Electric Vehicle, Kona and here we are today. Today’s news however, comes about the Central Government’s Employees’ MACP schemes.

There has been some voices since past times, muzzling up for the 7th Pay Commission grant for Central Government Employees. The good news here is that the Union Govt has finally accepted the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme, acronymed as MACPS, as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission.

Detailed Rules Governing the MACP Schemes

Like we said, the govt has accepted the MAC Progression schemes as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission for central govt employees. Some things will remain as before, for instance, as per the pay panel’s recommendations, the MACPS will continue to be administered at 10, 20 and 30 years.

In the new schemes of the Pay Panel, the employees will move to the immediate next level in the hierarchy and the scheme shall be available to all posts, including Group “A” posts, whether isolated or not.  Organised Group “A” Services are excluded from the scheme.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) filled us in that the Union government has considered the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission for continuation of MACPS and has accepted the same.

Who Can Benefit?

According to the DoPT, this MACP scheme will benefit all regularly appointed Group “A”, “B” and “C” Central Government Civilian Employees, except obviously the officers of Organised Group “A” Services. These benefits will however be limited from casual employees, including those granted ‘temporary status’ and employees appointed in the Government on ad-hoc or contract basis.

The Screening Committee

The Govt has taken this job of organising and implementing the MACP scheme under the 7th Pay Commission grant pretty seriously and in all its intensity, have decided to appoint a Screening committee in each department to consider the case for grant of financial upgradations under the MACP Scheme.

This committee shall constitute of a Chairperson and two members. In order to prevent “undue strain” on the administrative machinery, the Screening Committee will follow a time-schedule and meet twice in a Financial Year.

The DoPT has clarified that there shall be no stepping up of pay admissible in the levels with regard to junior getting more pay than the senior, on accounts of pay fixation under the new MACP Scheme.

The MACPS allows three financial upgradations in the career of a Central Government Employee. The count for this upgradation under MACPS, starts from the direct entry grade on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years services respectively, or 10 years of continuous service in the same Level in Pay Matrix, whichever is earlier.

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