BSNL Employees Finally Receive September Salary; Rs 30,000 Crore BSNL Revival Plan Is Working?

BSNL Employees Finally Receive September Salary; BSNL Revival Plan Is Working?
BSNL Employees Finally Receive September Salary; BSNL Revival Plan Is Working?

BSNL employees have finally received their September salary. This means that the employees and their family members will be able to celebrate Diwali now.

As we just reported about the BSNL revival plan, this news of all 1.6 lakh employees receiving their September salary also came in.

This clearly means that the BSNL revival plan is already working.

BSNL Employees Receive Their September Salary

BSNL CMD PK Purwar had already announced that every BSNL employee will receive their salary on October 23rd.

As per the promise, the salary was credited today morning.

A senior BSNL official confirmed this development with Financial Express as he said, “Salary for the month of September has been paid today morning,”

This was the second time when BSNL delayed salaries for their employees, since they are out of money.

In the month of July, BSNL failed to credit salaries of 1.6 lakh employees, and that was the first ever instance in their 19 year old history that such a delay happened.

In the start of this month, talks were already on about shutting down BSNL, since their Rs 74,000 crore revival plan was rejected by the Govt.

However, Govt. realized that BSNL is needed for India, since all politicians and leaders and more importantly military uses BSNL as their official service provider.

Interestingly, BSNL failed to provide salaries on time, but Govt has already announced 5% hike in DA of Govt employees, which will need Rs 16,000 crore of additional expenses.

BSNL employees need Rs 850 crore per month for paying salaries to 1.6 lakh employees.

BSNL Revival Plan Is Already Working?

Govt has just approve a 4-way revival plan for BSNL, and it seems that the revival plan is already working.

As per the revival plan, BSNL will be infused with Rs 29,937 crore of fresh capital, and real estate assets worth Rs 38,000 crore will be monetised over a period of 4 years.

Besides, BSNL-MTNL merger has been approved, and VRS scheme for all senior employees have been given the green light.

BSNL will also get 4G spectrum, and most probably at a lower rate.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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