Infosys’ Digital Services Will Become Expensive For Clients; Reason Is Scarcity Of Talent!

Infosys' Digital Services Will Become Expensive For Clients
Infosys’ Digital Services Will Become Expensive For Clients

The Bangalore based Indian IT major Infosys is thinking of re-pricing its digital services and change the structure of it, considering its high value business potential. The supply for such services doesn’t meet the demand quite yet at the moment, as indicated by an executive on Friday.

Infosys Mulling On Re-Pricing its Digital Services

As we mentioned, since the demand and supply for Infosys’ digital services not going hand in hand, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Nilanjan Roy believes that they have a good opportunity such services due to the scarce talent. He also will re look at the pricing being offered depending on skills and experience.

As a result, the Indian software giant is looking forward to putting a premium value for offering digital services in view of its growing demand from its global clients.

The Whole System of Profits and Loss behind This

 Revenue, currently indicating a $1,230 million from digital services contributed 38% to the company’s consolidated revenue of $3,210 million for the second quarter of this fiscal year, 2019-20, registering a 38% yearly and 11%quarterly growth.

The Chief Operating Officer U B Pravin Rao, however said that even after briefing these numbers, the digital services business in India is just a small percentage of the overall pie, without quantifying the value.

He also adds that India’s digital business is just a small percentage of Infosys’ overall business in the domestic market. From now on, the company will be selective in what they put their ‘yes’ on.

Rao also clarified the digital services business was not facing any headwind in India due to the economic slowdown, as the exposure was smaller in volume and the company being selective in offering it.

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