Indian Railways Earned Rs 9.6 Cr Per Day By Selling Scrap; Rs 35,000 Cr Revenue From Junk!

Indian Railways Earned Rs 9.6 Cr Per Day By Selling Scrap
Indian Railways Earned Rs 9.6 Cr Per Day By Selling Scrap

Indian Railways has managed to earn around Rs 35,000 crore by selling scraps in 10 years. It is said that this amount is more than the sum of annual budget amounts of three northern states.

According to sources, the Indian Railways, which was considered a loss-making venture some years back, managed to earn as much as Rs 35,073 crore by selling off scrap also included coaches, wagons and rail tracks.

How Did This Happen?

Jitendra Surana, social activist and senior journalist collected the data by right to information which revealed these railways figures. He belongs to Malwa-Nimar region in Madhya Pradesh.

In which the amount shown is greater than the sum of annual budget 2019 for three states considering Sikkim (around 7,000 crore), Mizoram (9,000 crore) and Manipur (13,000 crore).

According to this report, Indian Railways earned a maximum profit of Rs 4,409 crore by selling scrap in 2011-12. They reported the lowest income of Rs 2,718 crore was in 2016-17.

The rail tracks were sold the most among the scarps and they added to around Rs 11,938 crore in the said amount.

This Years Contribution

At the start of this year, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone of Indian Railways made a record by selling off scrap and earned a sum of Rs 83.47 crore. It was part of a drive which was launched to make the zone free of scrap.

According to them, it was one of the best achievements in recent times. 

The  two workshops located at Dibrugarh and New Bongaigaon also the three diesel shades at Siliguri, New Guwahati and Malda Town generated a total of 96 coaches, 45 locomotives, 21,000 metric tons of engineering scrap, 1,100 metric tons of bridge girders along with 7,900 metric tons of ferrous as well as 902 metric tons of non-ferrous scrap, during financial year 2019. (reference FE)

Which was presented for the sale.

Some Other Points Of Interest

Ticketless traveling is a big headache for Indian Railways. Approximately Rs 400-500 crore is lost by Indian Railways, due to passengers who intentionally or unintentionally don’t buy a ticket, and still travel by train.

In the period between April 1st to September 24th, 2019, Central Railways earned Rs 100 crore from the passengers who didn’t have any train ticket. Click here to know more about this article

Recently India’s first fully private semi-high speed train, Tejas Express was flagged off by UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

Since then a new era of Railways has dawned in India, wherein non-Indian Railways trains, run by private players will become the norm read more.

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