Pixel 4 India Launch & Price: Full Specs Out (Design, Cameras, Display)

With just a week left, Google is prepping up for the grand launch of its latest Pixel 4 series smartphones. Everything is pretty much out, and we have a fair idea how the new Pixel smartphones would look like.

Pixel 4 Full Specs & Pricing Out: Design, Cameras, Display, India Launch

Google will unveil Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL on October 15. 

The Pixel 4 remains the most leaked smartphone of the year, and finally we have the last set of design and spec leaks. Recently it was also confirmed that Google Pixel 4 will come in three colours: Just Black, Clearly White and Oh So Orange.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pixel 4 series.

Pixel 4 Display & Design: All Same?

The recent images show a thick bezel instead of the notch. The bezel will pack in the sensors for Motion sensing and face unlock feature. The design show a 18:9 sort of design technology with thick bezels on the up and down.

Pixel 4 will feature a 5.7-inch Full HD+ display, whereas the high-end Pixel 4 XL will sport a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ display.

Both the Pixel 4 Fluid displays will come with 90Hz high refresh rate

The motion sensing feature will work under Project Soli, while the face unlock feature on the Pixel 4 will use multiple sensors to identify a user’s face.

The leaked face unlocking technology shows an advanced technique utilising infrared, RGB and depth sensing. 

The Motion sensing feature on Pixel 4 remain one of the most-anticipated usable features on a smartphone.

The motion sensing feature under Project Soli would allow users to skip songs, snooze alarms, silent phone calls and much more just by giving an action with a motion as waving hand. 

Pixel 4 Camera, Pixel 4 Hardware

The size of the both bezels aren’t similar. The chin bezel is comparatively smaller than the top bezel. Pixel 4 will come with a dual rear-camera module housing two cameras sensors.

The smartphone will have a 12MP primary camera with an f/1.73 aperture coupled with an additional telephoto sensor.

The second camera on Pixel 4 is going to be a 16MP sensor with telephoto imaging capabilities.

Google Pixel 4 will run Qualcomm’s top-end Snapdragon 855 chip with 6GB of RAM with 64GB and 128GB internal memory. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be backed by 2,800 mAh and 3,700 mAh battery units respectively.

Pixel 4 India Pricing & Launch

Pixel 4 series will be in line with Pixel 3 series. In India, the Pixel 4 pricing will be in line with Pixel 3 series. The company has lately been trying to focus on the Indian market, and Pixel 3A seemed like a failed try, but good enough for an impact.

With bestselling Android stalwarts as OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 in place, the Pixel 4 has to be priced very strategically.

Recently, Apple also unveiled XR successor Apple 11 at a cheaper price than its predecessor.

OnePlus will also soon unveil its 7T Pro. In India, the regular Pixel 4 will start somewhere around Rs 60,000, and Pixel 4 XL model at a higher price. There will be different storage models available for both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

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