4 Lakh Taxpayers Will Be Checked Via Faceless Tax Assessment; This Means No Corruption!

4 Lakh Taxpayers Will Be Checked Via Faceless Tax Assessment; No Corruption!
4 Lakh Taxpayers Will Be Checked Via Faceless Tax Assessment; No Corruption!

Taking a leap towards India’s dream of being digital is the Income Tax Department who has employed a cutting edge faceless tax assessment scheme in India.

To promote the newly developed faceless tax assessment, as much as 4 lakh taxpayers will be brought under scrutiny by the Income Tax Department. 

The Income Tax Department is going tech-savvy, what with satellite images being used for nabbing tax evaders

In fact, India became one of the first countries in the world to employ technology on a bigger scale in public tax assessment when the Income Tax Department introduced artificial intelligence and machine learning in the tax assessment. 

Find out all about the income tax department’s tax assessment systems right here!

Govt. Introduces Faceless Tax Assessment: 4 Lakh Taxpayers Under Scrutiny

The Income Tax Department has separated about 4 lakh taxpayers who will be inspected under the newly introduced digital assessment system 2019. 

The IT Department has already sent notices to one lakh assesses and asked for an explanation on the returns that have been filed within 15 days. Moreover, the last date for sending scrutiny letter is September 30. 

The IT Department has drafted an assessment module, which tells us that in CASS (computer-assisted scrutiny selection) 2019, for the cases selected for scrutiny, there will be notices generated and issued by the concerned tax authority through a centralised procedure. 

It also states, “After the issuance of notices, further assessment proceedings will be conducted by the jurisdictional assessing officer in a regular manner through Income-tax Business Application (ITBA).”

Will Faceless Assessment Help To Curb Corruption?

Putting a stop to corruption is the primary motive behind the IT Dept’s faceless assessment system. For more details about how the faceless assessment will work, and what its benefits will be, go here

The statement issued by the Government states that this system will ensure ‘consistent, uniform, rule driven, identity blind manner. This will assure fairness in tax treatment to every taxpayer irrespective of their status.’

One of the upsides of the faceless tax assessment system is that the citizens will not have to deal with the Income Tax Department. 

There are numerous people, 95% realtors to be exact, who don’t get their PAN cards made with intentions of not paying income tax, however, the Govt has now made linking your Aadhaar card with your PAN card necessary, without which you will not be able to file your income tax returns. 

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