NITs Are Not Allowing Google To Hire Freshers This Year: This Is The Shocking Reason Why!

NITs Are Not Allowing Google To Hire Freshers This Year
NITs Are Not Allowing Google To Hire Freshers This Year

In a major embarrassment for the world’s biggest digital company: Google, NITs or National Institute of Technology has stopped them from hiring freshers this year.

What made NITs to take this extreme step?

Google Stopped From Hiring Freshers At NITs?

National Institute Of Technology or NIT are considered as the best technological institution in India, after IITs or Indian Institute Of Technology.

The best engineering and programming talents can be found there, but Google cannot recruit them this year.

This has been confirmed for atleast three NITs: Surathkal, Trichy and Warangal.

There are 31 NITs in India, and at the time of writing this article, we are investigating the status in the rest of the NITs.

Why Google Has Been Stopped From Hiring Freshers?

This year, while finalising the recruitment process, Google asked for 2 weeks window to give their confirmation regarding hiring freshers.

This means, Google would have confirmed the placement of a fresher, two weeks after the interview happened.

And this irked the placement officers of the NITs, since Google and other companies take much lesser time to decide in the IITs.

AK Bakthavatsalam, head of placements at NIT-Trichy said, “Google was asking for a long time, almost a couple of weeks, to reveal the results. This really does not work in placements at any of the IITs, then why should this happen at NITs?” 

Normally, all the companies take just one day to decide the results of the students, who took part in the interview. But taking two weeks to decide makes it a dicey situation for the students, who can accept instant offers from other companies.

Is Google Losing Talent Because Of Two Week Clause?

This year, NITs took a firm stand against Google, and decided to stop them from recruiting freshers at their campuses.

This will clearly be a loss for Google, since top tier companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, DE Shaw and Uber have already been given Day 1 slots in NITs including NIT Trichy.

Vijay Desai, chairman, Career Development Centre, NIT-Surathkal said, “Google wanted to visit for final placement but we did not want to make any changes in our placement policy,” 

Similarly, Chintham Venkaiah, head of placements at NIT-Warangal has also stated that Google didn’t change their 2-week waiting rule, and this is the reason they are not coming to recruit at their campus.

Till last year, Google offered upto Rs 25 lakh for domestic profiles, and upto Rs 2 crore for International profiles.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates. 

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