6 Crore Indians Reveal 25 Top Startups To Work For: Surprise, Oyo Is Still #1! (Linkedin Survey)

6 Crore Indians Reveal The Top Startups To Work For: Surprise, Oyo Is Still #1!
6 Crore Indians Reveal The Top Startups To Work For: Surprise, Oyo Is Still #1!

LinkedIn is a site where anybody and everybody comes to look for job and employment opportunities, from fresh out of college graduates to well-settled businessmen too. 

In short, it is a platform where everyone has a presence if they take their professional lives seriously. 

Beginning last year, LinkedIn started drafting a yearly report that states the top 50 startups in the world which people think are the most interesting to work with. 

Read about how LinkedIn evaluates these startups and which are the top 25 startups of India to work for right below!

LinkedIn’s Top 25 Hottest Startups of India

LinkedIn rates the top startups of India on four fronts: employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent. 

As per LinkedIn, the top 25 startups alone have opened up 18000 jobs in the past year. This data is accumulated over a span of a year, starting July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. 

Apart from India, LinkedIn has also made lists of the top startups in various other countries such as  Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., the U.S. and the Netherlands.

OYO, Cure.Fit, TapChief, Razorpay Among Top Ten

OYO Hotels and Homes has been the top startup of India, and has been the first ranker in the list for the second time straight. Making its reach far and wide, up to China, OYO has achieved great success despite going through a lot of struggles, what with the hotel owners and their association boycotting the platform. 

Cure.Fit has come in second, and it hit the headlines when it became the first startup to announce a launch in Kashmir after Article 370 was scrapped. The Mukesh Bansal led startup works in the health and wellness industry, and has managed to score $100 million in annual revenue within three years of its commencement. 

TapChief, which takes care of employment and connects businesses and individuals with ‘solopreneurs’ or experts, has taken the third position in the top 25 list. 

Top 25 Hottest Indian Startups To Work With

Here are the top 25 startups from ‘LinkedIn Top Startups 2019: The 25 hottest Indian companies to work for now.’ 

  1. OYO Hotels and Homes
  2. Cure.Fit
  3. TapChief
  4. Razorpay
  5. Bounce
  6. Playment
  7. Rivigo
  8. Acko
  9. mfine
  10. InterviewBit
  11. Udaan
  12. Little Black Book
  13. Dunzo
  14. UpGrad
  15. Nineleaps
  16. Simpl
  17. Meesho
  18. Digit Insurance
  19. Karza Technologies Private Ltd
  20. StashFin
  21. Pristyn Care
  22. WhiteHat Jr
  23. Bizongo
  24. Smartworks
  25. Stanza Living

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