Apple Will Launch Cheaper iPhones Which Indians, Chinese Can Afford; Is It An iPhone SE Successor?

Apple Will Launch A Cheaper iPhone Which Indians, Chinese Can Afford
Apple Will Launch A Cheaper iPhone Which Indians, Chinese Can Afford

As per the reports coming in, Apple is preparing to launch its relatively less expensive iPhone in the history of this company. It is expected that this new model will replace iPhone SE in emerging markets.

Reason Behind Launching A Less Expensive Model

The company is going through a rough time as there has been a series of news coming for iPhone sales decline in the world’s most populous countries India as well as China. 

To some extent , the iPhone market slow down caused by ongoing trade war between US and China. It is affecting other sectors too like gold price hike in India during festival season.  

iPhone has reported a sales drop by 50% for 2018 year in India. Along the line it has reported a failure in China market with loss of $55 billion.

Apple lost its second spot of the world’s biggest smartphone maker to Huawei in 2018.

With its market slipping, Apple plans to launch a less expensive iPhone model next spring to regain ground against its rivals in China.

Apple has come up with a similar kind of strategy in India where the company has launched “Made in India” – a less expensive version of the iPhone. Also the company will soon be launching its e-commerce website in India to assist its device sell through online portal.

Apple has come up with a decision of launching a less expensive iPhone model in China to hold grounds against its rivals. As we know, many companies like Huawei  and others are providing fine features in comparatively lower prices and also for considering buyers sentiments in emerging markets.

What Features This New Model Will Have?

It will become the cheapest smartphone model since the iPhone SE launch in 2016 which costs starts around $399. Although the price and name is yet not decided but it will be considered as next generation for iPhone SE. According to Nikkei reports it could be priced around £400-500.

This phone is expected to have features similar to iPhone 11 and to be around 4.7-inch in size same as iPhone 8 which was launched 2017. 

Apple will be launching its eleventh generation of smartphones ie iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Max on 10 September in India.

The proposed model is expected to have an LCD screen to leverage the cost while top end iPhone 11 models will be having OLED display.

It is primarily targeted to emerging markets like China where Apple has lost ground to its rivals like Huawei,Oppo and Samsung. As consumers are becoming more price sensitive due to competitive choices availability in lower costs  and also consumer seems reluctant to pay £1,000 for buying a smartphone in such a slow economy.

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