Rise Of Skill Based Games In India: Junglee Games Emerges As The New Champ With 2 Crore Players

Junglee Games Emerges As The New Champ With 2 Crore Players
Junglee Games Emerges As The New Champ With 2 Crore Players

Gaming as a niche is gaining unprecedented growth in India, and in the coming days, it is all set to become one of the major driving forces for digital expansion.

Sample this: 60% of all Indians play at least one game on their mobile phones, and there are 250 million gamers in India (KPMG Report). The gaming industry in India is expected to earn Rs 340 million by 2021 in profits (Frost and Sullivan Report).

Meanwhile, a Google Report states that the online gaming industry market size in India will cross $1 billion by 2021. The sector is witnessing an annual growth of 20%.

Within the online gaming niche, skill-based games and fantasy games are the genres that are witnessing the highest growth in India.

Skill-based games such as Rummy and Teen Patti has witnessed a massive 69-75% annual growth in India, and it is unstoppable, to say the least.

Reason For The Rise In Skill-Based Games

There are several factors involved in the overall matrix, but the most relevant is cheap Internet, and reduction in the price of mobile hardware. With per GB cost coming down to Rs 3 in some cases, more and more Indians are graduating towards online gaming, and the trend is catching on.

Besides, India has always been a hub of skill-based games – Be it Ludo or Chess, Rummy or Teenpatti, Indians used to play these games way before video games and online gaming became the trend.

Capitalizing on this tremendous growth of skill-based games is Junglee Games, which has witnessed an equally impressive growth of users on their platform.

Junglee Games Emerges As The New Champ Of Skills-Based Games

Right now, more than 2 crore users are part of Junglee Games, and there are 50 lakh active users, playing various skill-based games offered by them, and the number is only increasing.

Founded in 2012, Junglee Games’ first major offering was Junglee Rummy, which was launched in April, 2012. 

Since then, the team behind Junglee Games have evolved, adapted and created some of the biggest skill-based games to suit the audience’s interest. And the results speak for themselves.

In 2013, within a year of their launch, the company hit $10 million in Gross Transaction Value, and next year, they breached 1 million user mark.

In 2014, their Teen Patti became #1 in casino category, and was included in the top 5 list of top grossing games. By 2016, $100 million in GTV was achieved, as more and more players joined the platform.

In 2019, Junglee Games has 2 crore users (20 million) on their platform from 7 countries, and they are churning out $600 million in GTV, thereby making them one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world.

Which Skill-Based Games Are Loved The Most?

If we talk about Junglee, then games such as Junglee Rummy,Howzat are among the most loved and played games, and their audience profile ranges from 20-year olds to 60-year old gamers.

When we asked what made them click in the first place, and what distinguishes Junglee Games from others, then the response was short and subtle: User feedback, and incredible UI.

The developers at Junglee Games take user feedback very seriously, and they incorporate the suggestions into the games within no time, thereby increasing engagement and loyalty.

At the same time, their focus on User Interface and design is unparalleled: Their teams have worked on several AAA-level titles such as Transformers, Real Steel, Mech Conquest and Dueling Blades; and their designers have worked with some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters such as Avatar.

Using ‘gaming intelligence’ and high quality of graphics and designs, Junglee Games is taking skill-based gaming niche to the next level, and enabling a more powerful and scintillating experience for their users.

Are you a skill-based gamer? Have you ever played a Junglee game? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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