Android’s Latest Version Is Android 10, Not Android Q: 7 Fascinating Facts You Should Know!

7 Facts About Android Q You Should Be Aware Of
7 Facts About Android Q You Should Be Aware Of

Google is working on Android’s latest version, and the whole world awaits it with bated breath. The name of the upcoming Android has been confirmed by Google, which will be Android 10, and its beta version is live and available to us for testing as well.

There have been five beta updates in the Android up until now, and this one, the sixth update, seems like the final one.

Android 10 will officially be launched when Google draws the curtains on the Google Pixel 4 smartphone, which is expected to be scheduled in October. 

And now, let’s get to the point – we have come up with seven new and exciting changes that Google is planning to introduce in the Android 10. Have a look!

Android 10 Will Not Be Named After a Dessert 

This is the first time ever that the new Android update will not be named after a dessert. All the previous updates have been named after desserts, and alphabetically and had codenames. For instance, Android Pie was Android P, and before that it was Android O for Android Oreo. 

However, this time Google has decided to name Android Q as Android 10, plain and simple. 

System wide dark mode

The Android 10 version will introduce the very much wanted dark mode throughout the system. This is a great news for smartphone users of the newer generation who opt for the latest phones with AMOLED and OLED screens. With the amount of time we spend on smartphones, this will definitely make it easy on the eyes. 

Scrolling Screenshot

This new development will enable users to get screenshots by scrolling up and down too. Such a scrolling screenshot is a great feature for us to take better screenshots, and send them in one piece instead of sending it in halves. 

Foldable phone support

The Android 10 will help foldable phones to get support from apps and games. This will help apps and games give better experience to users even on foldable phones. 

Limit on Access To Apps

With the issue of apps accessing our personal information, with or without permission, increasing day by day, Google has found a solution to it. Google is planning to place some limits on the apps’ access to photos, videos, audio and other files on the smartphones. 

Smartphones to get a different battery indicator

In the Android 10, the battery indicator will now show the time until which the phone can last, such as 11.30 PM, instead the percentage of the battery charging. 

Improved Sharing Shortcuts

The people you want to share your images or videos or any other media will be made easier to access in Android 10, which will help you move between apps easily. 

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