Redmi Note 8’s Stunning 64MP Camera Tech Revealed; Realme 5 With 64MP Camera Confirmed

Redmi Note 8’s Stunning 64MP Camera Tech Revealed
Redmi Note 8’s Stunning 64MP Camera Tech Revealed

The history will remember 2019 as the year when smartphone giants fought for 64MP camera supremacy. Both Redmi and Realme have locked horns over 64MP camera, and both are doing their best to unsettle the other.

While Redmi has revealed some stunning details about their next smartphone featuring a 64MP camera (which will be Redmi Note 8 most probably), Realme has confirmed that their next offering is Realme 5, and it will have a 64MP camera.

Realme has declared this as Quad Camera technology.

Redmi’s 64MP Camera Smartphone Details Revealed

In a series of tweets, Redmi has revealed the camera technology behind their first 64MP camera smartphone, which will most probably be part of the Redmi Note 8 smartphone.

As per Redmi, their 64MP camera will have 38% more pixels than a 48MP camera smartphone, and the images clicked will be more vibrant, and more lively.

They also shared a sample of the image, and gave an idea about the quality.

Terming it as the Future of Camera, Redmi said, “With a large 1/1.7″ sensor, ISOCELL, Smart ISO and Hybrid 3D HDR capabilities, our #Redmi #64MP camera will redefine the way you’ve been experiencing the smartphone camera.”

While the Samsung sensor will bring in real-time HDR of up to 100-decibles, the images will be of 9248×6936 pixel resolution, and 19MB in size.

As we have already speculated, Redmi Note 8 is expected to have 64MP camera, along with MediaTek’s MediaTek’s latest Helio G90T processor.

 Realme5 Confirmed, Will Have 64MP Camera Quad Technolgy

Meanwhile Realme too has announced some interesting details about their next smartphone, which will be Realme 5.

There will be no Realme 4, as Chinese consider 4 as an unlucky number, hence, Realme 5 directly after Realme 3.

Realme is calling this as 64MP quad camera device, and their India Head Madhav Sheth has tweeted about the amazing clarity which this smartphone camera will have.

He proved his point by sharing the standard resolution test chart for cameras.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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