BSNL Failed To Give July Salary For 1.98 Lakh Employees; What Is The Future Of BSNL?

BSNL Failed To Give July Salary For 1.98 Lakh Employees
BSNL Failed To Give July Salary For 1.98 Lakh Employees

1.98 lakh employees of BSNL are disappointed, yet again. The company has failed to transfer the salary for July month, and there is once again chaos and confusion all around.

What will be the future of BSNL?

No Salary For 1.98 lakh BSNL Employees

For the 2nd time in their history, and 1st time under the newly elected BJP Govt., BSNL has failed to transfer salary to their employees.

Usually, the employees receive their monthly salary at the last day of the month, but this time it didn’t happen.

The salary for July, which was supposed to be credited by July 31st, hasn’t yet arrived, and the employees are tensed.

All India Unions and Associations of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (AUAB) Convenor P Abhimanyu informed, “Salary for the month of July has not come. There is also no information when will it be credited,” 

There are 1.76 lakh employees of BSNL, and 22,000 employees of MTNL who haven’t yet received their July salaries.

While BSNL spends Rs 750 to Rs 850 crore per month on the monthly salaries, MTNL spends Rs 160 crore.

BSNL MD: Salary Will Be Credited By August 5th

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director P K Purwar has assured everyone that they are working out the situation, and the salaries would be credited by August 5th.

He said, “Funds are being arranged through internal accruals,”

MTNL CMD and Human Resource and Enterprise Business Director Sunil Kumar too has assured that salary issue in on the top priority and very soon they will transfer the salaries to the employees.

BSNL’s Financial Woes Continue

In the month of February this year, for the first time ever, state-run telecom carrier BSNL failed to provide salaries for their employees.

Govt. had to intervene and release emergency funds to diffuse the situation.

Some contract workers haven’t received salaries for the last 8-9 months, even as most of the salaries for them have been frozen, and in-depth audits are being done to reduce contract labor.

The same situation was repeated in June this year, but salaries were credited in time, thanks to Govt. support.

Kingmaker and Union Minister Amit Shah is handling the revival of BSNL and Rs 1000 crore support was also announced, but it seems that it will take some more time to get BSNL revived.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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