PUBG Mobile Lite Launched For Indians With Android Phones Having Less Than 2GB RAM!

PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India
PUBG Mobile Lite launched in India

PUBG Mobile Lite, the lighter and faster version of PUBG Mobile has been officially launched for India.

And the big news is that, PUBG Mobile Lite will support lower-end smartphones with 2GB or less RAM, and this changes everything.

PUBG Mobile Lite Now Available For Indian Android Users

PUBG Mobile Lite, which has just been launched, is only available for Android users as of now. Apple users will need to wait a bit.

Built with Unreal Engine 4, PUBG Mobile Lite takes only 400MB of space, and will support lower-end smartphones with 2GB or less RAM.

In an official statement, PUBG makers said, “PUBG MOBILE LITE features a smaller map made for 60 players, which means faster-paced games that last 10 minutes while still keeping the traditional PUBG style of play!”

Since more than 50% of mobile users in India use lower-end smartphones with 2GB of RAM or less, this is an interesting move by PUBG to enable users with less than 2GB of RAM to play the game.

This will enable more and more gamers to join the platform, and make the game even more popular.

Top Features Of PUBG Mobile Lite

Upgrade To Winner Pass

Royale Pass has been replaced with Winners Pass, which will faster achievement unlocks, and will last for a month, with interesting rewards.

New Auxiliary Aim Assist

The new auxiliary aim assist makes aiming extremely easier, and will help users who are playing the game in weak internet connectivity. 

Bullet Trail Adjustment

PUBG Mobile Lite will have new new feature called Bullet Trail Adjustment, which will have increased bullet speed and no bullet drop effect, which will again help those users, who have weak internet connection.

Heal Yourself On The Go

In PUBG Mobile Lite, players will be able to heal themselves in all instances, except when they are prone to attack. This will make the game even more faster, and help the players to survive for a longer duration.

Extended Time To Kill

The new PUBG Mobile Lite will increase the Time to Kill countdown, which means that survivability of players during firefight increases and aggresive play mode is always on.

Besides, new players who are joining the game via PUBG Mobile Lite will be able to receive exciting new rewards, in the form of new gears and vehicles.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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