Rail Engines Too Will Be Covered With Ads; Adani, Amul Will Place Their Ads On Engines!

Railway Engines Will Now Have Ads
Railway Engines Will Now Have Ads

Similar to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, the Indian Railways is also going for advertisements to increase revenue and monetary income. The only difference will be that the Indian Railways’ plans of increasing revenue include putting advertisements over the engines of trains!

Yes, soon, there will be advertisements on the engines of trains, and big companies, Amul and Adani, have already welcomed this not so new initiative of the Indian Railways. 

The Indian Railways seems keen on this idea, and is looking at putting up such advertisements as a means of boosting the revenue that is earned through methods other than fares paid by passengers. 

Engines of Indian Railways To Be Covered in Ads   

The national transporter tried a lot of ways as solutions to increase the low revenue, including revamping railway stations, providing numerous facilities and amenities to passengers, but to no avail. The numbers and the revenue didn’t show much improvement. 

And hence, the Indian Railways has opted for covering the engines of the trains with advertisements, which is a segment that hasn’t been explored as yet, and holds definite potential to bring in income. 

However, this is not the first time that the Indian Railways has taken to putting up advertisements on railways. In recent history, Indian Railways had permitted vinyl wrapping on coaches in 2016, with the same intention of increasing the revenue. 

This time around, the Indian Railways has also allowed to put up advertisements on the engines of the trains. Top companies such as Amul and Adani have already jumped at the opportunity to flaunt their brand name on railways. 

Will Putting Ads On Engines Help Increase Non-fare Revenue?

It is too early to predict if this will bring about a hike in revenue, but if companies like Amul and Adani are pitching in, we can assume that they won’t be investing in vain. 

Additionally, there is the factor of a huge number of stations, trains and the number of engines thereby. As of now, there are more than 6000 stations in India with about 13000 trains running across the network of 65000 kilometers. The number of passengers riding trains is as much as 23 million passengers. 

As per the non-fare revenue policy, coaches can be adorned with vinyl wrappings whereas advertisement stickers can be put up on the engines. The Indian Railways has already approached all states to advertise and promote their tourist locations, welfare schemes, and successful projects through railways.

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