BSNL Employees Demand Rs 6000 Crore ‘Loan’ For Survival; Warns BSNL Will Shutdown Soon

BSNL employees demand Rs 6000 crore
BSNL employees demand Rs 6000 crore

BSNL’s worsening situation needs ‘revival’, for which, employees of the telecom operator have asked the newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a loan of Rs. 6000 crore. 

The employees’ association has penned a letter to the PMO directing them to take action, or else things will go out of hand, including the fall of BSNL.

BSNL is facing quite some problems that range from employees going on strike for lack of payment to losing electricity for not paying bills. 

While there was news that the GoM, Group of Minister’s panel, led by the Home Minister Amit Shah was pondering about allocating Rs. 1000 crore for the revival of BSNL, here is the employees’ association asking for Rs. 6000 crore. 

Employees’ Association Writes Letter To The PMO

The PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) has been informed by the employees of BSNL about the worsening situation at BSNL. they also are of the opinion that the speed of decision making inside the Government is not at par. 

Aftab Ahmad Khan, President of the Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association said, “The situation is worsening and if a decision is not taken by the PMO, and a soft loan is not provided to meet Capex and Opex, BSNL will not last long. We have already apprised the PMO of the situation.”

The letter clearly states, “If the decision is delayed by another two to three months, it will be too late as BSNL network may deteriorate beyond repair and will make revival impossible.”

The three-page letter has been signed by Union General Secretary Sebastin K, and says that there is a swift revival is needed on an urgent basis, and if delayed by 60-90 days, it would be very difficult or even impossible to revive the telecom operator.

The DoT Hasn’t Released Previously Promised Rs. 3300 crore; Real Estate Monetization?

As per Khan, the Department of Telecommunications had granted a credit of Rs. 3300 crore in March, since the Presidential Sanction after the first delayed salary payment.

However, the DoT has failed to keep its word. 

The telecom department is working on introducing a few solutions for the ongoing problems at BSNL, and they would require the approval of the Cabinet, one of which is real estate monetization.

The Government’s policy think tank, Niti Aayog, has given an estimate of BSNL’s real estate at Rs. 1 lakh crore.

Moreover, fibre assets have been evaluated at Rs. 54,000 crore, and telecom towers at Rs. 29,000 crore. 

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