Realme 5 Can Launch In India Before Diwali This Year; But What About Realme 4??

Realme 5 Can Launch Before Diwali (In pic: Realme 2 Pro)
Realme 5 Can Launch Before Diwali (In pic: Realme 2 Pro)

Yesterday, Realme launched two important, and awesome smartphones: Realme X, which is a mid-budget level smartphone and Realme 3i, which is a budget level smartphone, especially tailor-made for the Indian users.

Now, reports are coming in regarding Realme 5, which can be a successor of Realme 3 smartphone.

But, what about Realme 4?

Insider Reports: Realme 5 Can Launch Before Diwali

It seems that Realme is targeting the peak shopping season of Diwali for launching Realme 5, the successor of Realme 3, which was launched in March this year.

This information was conveyed to 91Mobiles by an unnamed company executive, right when Realme X and Realme 3i were being launched in Delhi.

As per the source, Realme 5 would have advanced features, which would be even better than Realme X on some levels.

However, the base variant would be aggressively priced somewhere around Rs 10,000, which would perfectly compliment the pricing range of Realme 3, whose starting price was Rs 8999.

But What About Realme 4?

Logically, the next model and the successor for Realme 3 should have been Realme 4, but it seems that the company is opting for an unconventional naming standard this time, and Realme 5 would directly be launched after Realme 3.

This means that there will be no Realme 4.

Now, there were some rumors about Realme 4 launched last month, but they were rumors, as per the company executive.

In the leaks, there was a retail box of Realme 4 showed, which has turned out to be a fake news.

However, there were some real spotting of a new smartphone at Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in Russia, last week.

These smartphones had model numbers RMX1921, RMX1927, and RMX1971, and since Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro had model numbers RMX1821 and RMX1851, analysts had assumed about Realme 4 and Realme 4 Pro being tested.

But now, it seems that these smartphones spotted at Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in Russia are Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro.

There has been no detail or information about the specs and the possible pricing as of now.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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