Tinder, Zomato, Tide, Reebok Are Using Whatsapp Stickers For Advertising Push: Will This Work?

Whatsapp Stickers are the new Ads?
Whatsapp Stickers are the new Ads?

A business without marketing is like a fish without water; it won’t last much longer. To ensure prosperity, businesses are coming up with innovative techniques and never-heard-before pathways. 

Brands such as McDonald’s, Zomato, Tinder, Reebok etc have found out a new way of promoting their brands, which is through Whatsapp stickers and GIFs.

The reason? Emojis and stickers can strike an emotional bond with the young users, and this, is the new form of marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Does this mean that the very concept of advertisement is changing? How exactly will Whatsapp advertisement work?

Whatsapp Stickers: The New Marketing?

Whatsapp is hands down the most used messaging app across the globe. With the addition of GIFs and stickers, the app has become even more popular over the years, and is used for both formal and informal conversations equally. 

The latest addition to the app has been innovative and fun looking stickers. The stickers are quirky, and add a lot of entertainment to the usual plain and out of date emojis in a Whatsapp conversation.

Top companies such as Tinder, McDonald’s Tide, Reebok, Zomato, and many more are looking to make their presence felt through these stickers and GIFs, which will include branded content henceforth. 

Up until now, Whatsapp has remained an app which has been free of advertisements, but that is about to change soon. There will now be in-app advertisements, which will be here by the year 2020. These ads will appear in Whatsapp’s status stories. 

Why WhatsApp Stickers?

 Whatsapp is a messaging app that is used by over 350-400 million users in India, and will be the perfect dias for big brands to showcase their products. 

Ever since stickers have been introduced, the app has become even more popular, especially among students, who can actually carry out a whole conversation using only Whatsapp stickers. Once a WhatsApp sticker is liked by people, it goes viral, and this is what brands such as Zomato, Reebok, McDonald’s is planning to put to effect. 

Companies have been trying their hand at stickers through their ‘experimental budgets’, as advertising through Whatsapp stickers is still a raw idea and hasn’t proved itself. 

How Will Whatsapp Stickers Work As Ads?

Sharadh Manian, GM at digital agency SVG Media, is of the opinion, “These formats come from the idea that communication should be informal, casual and emotionally connected. It adds the right kind of humor to conversations. Brands need to leverage this trend. We do two to three campaigns every month on stickers and GIFs, but budgets are very small.”

How will this work? There are numerous festivals and events in India, which the brands can use to promote their names and products. As stated by the founder of Stickotext, Bhawna Bansal, a sweet company can use these festivals to create a sticker. 

Similarly, brands can find out ways to make creative, entertaining and quirky content that will make their names even more known.

Can you think of any innovative way of using Whatsapp stickers for advertisements? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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