Govt Will Monitor Your Internet Activity Via Centralized System; Tracking Of Mobiles Begin Next Month

Govt To Monitor Your Internet Activity Via Centralized System
Govt To Monitor Your Internet Activity Via Centralized System

Two major news has come in, related to the establishment of a solid surveillance state in India.

First, a centralized monitoring system will be created, which will help track the Internet activity of every Indian in an easy and seamless manner. 

Second, the legal tracking of mobile phones, which includes lost mobile phones as well, will begin next month.

Now, the big question: Should we be worried or relieved?

Internet Monitoring Via Centralized System Coming Soon

Right now, the Internet activity of Indians is being monitored, but in an unorganized manner.

There are 21 regional monitoring systems, across all 22 telecom circles, and the main Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) is located in Delhi.

Now, when the Govt. agencies want to track the Internet activity of any Indian, they will need to contact the regional monitoring center, and seek the concerned telecom operator’s help.

But now, a centralized monitoring system or CMS will be established, which will be connected to all regional monitoring systems.

And the best part is that the Govt. officials can carry the surveillance without seeking the telecom operator’s help.

This was revealed by Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, via a written reply in Rajya Sabha. He said, “At present, monitoring of internet traffic through internet service providers is being done through Internet Monitoring System which is under consideration for integration with CMS.” 

This high-level monitoring or surveillance will be covering mobile phones, landlines, internet and more.

Legal Tracking Of Mobile Phones Begin Next Month

Last month, we had reported that tracking of lost or stolen mobile phones will now be carried over via India’s largest and the most comprehensive database of IMEI numbers.

Now, fresh details are coming in regarding the start of this database, and it will start as soon as August this year.

As per reports, this project, called “Central Equipment Identity Register” (CEIR), is being spearheaded by The Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT), and one final confirmation will be required from the Telecom Minister before making the system live in August.

An official from DoT said, “C-DoT is ready with the technology. The telecom department will approach the minister for its launch after the Parliament session. It should be launched in the next month,” 

Rs 15 crore has already been allocated for Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), and the core tech is now ready.

Under this, IMEI numbers of all operational mobile phones will be connected via a single database, and once a report of any mobile lost comes in, the Govt. officials would be able to instantly locate it.

This technology is: Even if the lost mobile is activated on another mobile network, the database would be able to track it easily.

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