TikTok Becomes A Hero: Woman Reunites With Her Husband After Watching TikTok Video!

TikTok can help families reunite
TikTok can help families reunite

TMostly, we have been sharing negative news about TikTok in the last few months, since we got only negative news. Young people killing themselves, people murdering others and more, because of TikTok.

Now, we have got positive news coming in, with regards to TikTok, and this is indeed very magical.

A woman, whose husband went missing since 2017, was ultimately found via TikTok video. Now, both the husband and the wife are reunited, and without TikTok, this wouldn’t have had happened.

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The Case Of Missing Husband

The case happed at Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. 

Jayapradha and Suresh were a happily married couple, and they lived in Villupuram with their two kids.

In 2017, all of a sudden, Suresh went missing, and no was able to trace him. Police complaints were filed, but in vain. Suresh was originally from Krishnagiri, and his wife received no info about her husband.

TikTok: The Catalyst For Reunion

A few days back, one of the relatives of Jayapradha happened to watch a video, where a person resembling Suresh was found with a transgender.

The relative immediately alerted Jayapradha, and she recognized the person.

He was indeed Suresh.

The family contacted the Villupuram police, and manhunt was launched across the state. 

Finally, Suresh was located in Hosur, which is 230 kms from Villupuram. The search was completed with the help of trans-person’s group in Hosur. It turned out that Suresh was in a TikTok video with his trans-woman friend.

As per the police, Suresh later confessed that he had ran away from his home, due to some family issues. He went to Hosur, and took up a job as a mechanic in a tractor shop.

The police personals said, “We asked him whether he wanted to go back to his wife and kids. He agreed. Therefore, we sent the couple back,” 

TikTok’s Amazing Journey In India

In the month of April, Govt of India banned TikTok across India, citing reasons such as the app ‘pollutes’ the youth and more.

Even Google and Apple were ordered to remove the app from their respective app stores, and the lights were indeed dim for the app.

Then, good sense prevailed, and the abrupt ban was lifted all across India.

We had earlier reported why banning TikTok doesn’t make sense.

Now, with this happy ending of a love story, we believe TikTok will help others as well and will stay in India.

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