Delhi Students Will Learn Entrepreneurship; Rs 1000 ‘Seed Capital’ Will Given To 7 Lakh Students To Learn Business

Delhi Students will now learn entrepreneurship with seed capital!
Delhi Students will now learn entrepreneurship with seed capital!

In one of the biggest push towards entrepreneurship, and enabling the youth from becoming a ‘job seeker’ to ‘job provider’, Delhi Govt. has introduced a unique Entrepreneurship curriculum for students.

Since practical knowledge is important and vital, every student will be provided with a seed capital of Rs 1000 as well.

Checkout how will it work!

Compulsory Entrepreneurship Curriculum For Students

Arvind Kejriwal led AAP Govt. in Delhi has introduced a unique ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ for all Class 9th to Class 12th students.

There are over 7 lakh students in Delhi who are right now studying in Class 9th to Class 12th, and they all will be part of this massive educational movement.

This is the brainchild of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, who also supervises education portfolio.

He said, “This will open up multiple new possibilities for students in Delhi government schools, as they explore various options and choose their profession.”

All 1024 schools under Delhi Govt. will teach this course, everyday for 40 minutes.

This shall be a compulsory, non-graded course for all students in Class 9th to Class 12th.

Rs 1000 ‘Seed Capital’ For Every Student

As part of the curriculum, every student undertaking this course will be provided with a seed capital of Rs 1000, to execute ideas, and learn about being an entrepreneur firsthand.

As per said Abhishek Gupta, committee member and adviser to Deputy CM Sisodia, this seed capital of Rs 1000 will be used by students to create a business, and make money. He said that this will “inspire them through various entrepreneurial stories, case studies and many mindfulness activities and approaches”, 

In case the students are able to make money from Rs 1000, they will keep it. If they lose it, Govt. will underwrite this amount.

Besides, the curriculum features chapters such as ‘Dream Big’, ‘Recognise Opportunity’, planning, listening, collaboration, ‘Bounce Back From Failures’, which will the students to understand failure, success, and everything which is required for being an entrepreneur.

Rs 50 Crore Budget Allocated

Being a new course, and a new way of teaching, there will be massive training programs for the teachers.

Infact, as a pilot project, this new ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ was taught in 24 schools during the months of April and May, and the results were good.

For this pilot project, 76 classroom observers and 480 teachers were provided with training, and this generated 965 observations and 371 feedbacks from the teachers.

Now, starting July, 3000+ Govt; teachers in Delhi will start receiving training for imparting entrepreneurship course, and explaining what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Rs 50 crore budget has been sanctioned for this whole exercise.

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