Rs 15,000 Crore Will Be Spent For Creating 100,000 Digital Villages; 10 Central Ministries Roped In For #DigitalIndia

100,000 Digital Villages Will Be Created in India
100,000 Digital Villages Will Be Created in India

If we make a list of all the plans and projects that are being implemented to make India a better nation, making India go digital will probably top the list. 

To boost the nation’s digital journey, the Government of India is planning to make one lakh villages of India digital, and they will be called Digi Gaons. 

And now, the Government has announced that all the proceedings to make one lakh villages digital will be commencing from as soon as next month!

What does the Government of India plan to implement in the digital villages? Read on to know all the details!

Rs 15k Crore For 100,000 Digital Villages in India

The Government of India has intended to invest a massive Rs. 15,000 crore for which the CSC eGovernance Services India Ltd has already drafted a proposal. The people of these digital villages will have all high-end facilities that are available in the urban regions.

These villages will have a single service solution for every service, ranging from tele-education, telemedicine, financial services, internet connectivity and other G2C/B2C services. There will be CSCs (Common Service Centers) formed which will be operated by a village entrepreneur who will look after the said facilities. 

This concept of digital villages has already been implemented in six villages of India which are connected to WiFi. the people who live there have been given entrepreneurship through the setup of various industries, such as manufacturing of incense sticks, or sanitary napkins, etc.

About ten ministries of India will be a part of this project, such as the Ministry of communications, electronics and IT, Jal Shakti, agriculture, health and many others. 

The CSCs that will be set up will also be the service centres for ministries and departments. 

How Will The Digital Village Be Like?

The digital villages, also called as Digi Gaon, are being planned with the objective to transform rural villages of India into digitally sound villages, with the help of ICT applications.

Here’s what a digital village will come with:

  • The digital village will have a digital banker, a digital doctor and a digital teacher. There will also be connected with the internet and a WiFi access point.
  • The internet connection will be through BharatNet, which is a plan by Government that will connect rural hinterland. 
  • In each digital village, there will be small units for LED assembly and a photography lab too. Sanitary pads will also be manufactured in the village.

What do you think of the Government’s plan of making one lakh digital villages? Let us know in the comments section below!

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