Rail Passengers Will Be Asked To Pay More For Tickets; All Manned Crossings Will Be Removed!

Rail passengers can be asked to pay more!
Rail passengers can be asked to pay more!

Indian Railways barely recover 50% of the expenditure incurred for running their passenger service in the country. In order to increase their income, and to reduce the losses, Indian Railways is all set to introduce a new program, wherein the passengers will be asked to pay more for the tickets.

We will soon share the logic behind behind this step.

In a related news, Railways has decided to remove all manned crossings.

What will happen then, to the roads from where the train passes?

Keep reading to know more!

Indian Railways To Passengers: Please Pay More!

Under the 100-Days plan from Indian Railways, a new scheme has been devised wherein passengers will be asked to ‘give up’ the subsidies being currently offered.

Hence, from now on, whenever a ticket is being booked online or offline, the passenger shall be asked two options:

Purchase the ticket with subsidy

Purchase the ticket without subsidy

In case the passenger choses without subsidiy option, then there will be no concession given on the ticket, the passenger will have to pay the full fare.

This Give It Up scheme was earlier introduced for Senior Citizens, and it actually worked.

Between 5th August, 2016 and 31st March, 2018 around 40 lakh senior citizens decided to ditch the subsidies, and this resulted in Indian Railways to save as much as Rs 77 crore.

A massive advertising campaign shall be unleashed across print media, digital media, TV and cinemas to make people aware about the ‘Give Up’ scheme.

Railway concessions for journalists, military personals, handicapped etc are expected to be covered under this. Besides, for general passengers, concessions such as blanket subsidy will be also targeted.

All Manned Railway Crossings Will Be Removed

In an interesting development, Indian Railways has decided to remove all manned crossings in India.

This also comes under the 100-Days plan of Indian Railways.

There are more 19,000 manned crossings in the country, and in a phased manner, everyone of them will be removed.

Instead of manned crossings, Railways will build Road Overbridges and Road Underbridges and ensure smooth rail traffic.

Rs 50,000 crore has been allocated for this massive project.

To start with, 2568 manned crossing in the Golden Quadrilateral route will be first removed, and overbridges/underbridges will be constructed in place of them.

As per analysts, this move to remove all manned crossings will result in minimal human intervention, and this will result in better safety of the trains.

The present Govt. has already removed all unmanned crossings in record time.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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