Class 6 Boy Dies Due To TikTok Challenge; Goa Govt Says Stop Using TikTok, PUBG To Save Lives

Class 6 Boy Dies Due To TikTok Challenge; Goa Govt Says Stop Using TikTok, PUBG To Save Lives
TikTok is again killing people?

In an unfortunate and tragic incident, a class 6th boy from Kota was found dead, possibly while executing a TikTok challenge.

In a related news, Goa Govt. has directed all schools to ‘discourage’ usage of TikTok and PUBG in schools, and save lives.

What exactly is happening here?

Class 6 Boy Dies Due To A TikTok Challenge

In a bizarre case, a class 6th boy from Kota mistakenly killed himself, in the bathroom.

As per police observations, the boy was executing a TikTok challenge, and this killed him.

The 12 year old boy went inside the bathroom with mangalsutra (ornament worn by married Hindu women), and bangles. When he didn’t come out after considerable amount of time went by, his parents broke open the door, and found him naked, with an iron chain tied around his neck.

Police have confirmed the TikTok angle after his father said that the boy was addicted to TikTok, and spent the whole night on the app.

Station House Officer Mumindra Singh said, “The initial investigation suggested that the boy might have killed himself accidentally while probably preparing to make a video on TikTok,”

The devastated father said, “If it was not for Tik Tok then my child would have been alive.”

Investigation is on.

After a series of deaths and accidents due to TikTok, Govt. had banned the app in the month of April. But after a few days, the ban was lifted.

But it seems that the app is still killing people.

Goa Govt To Schools: Discourage TikTok, PUBG Usage & Save Lives

In a related news, Goa’s educational department has appealed to all schools to restrict and discourage the usage of apps such as TikTok and PUBG.

While TikTok is world’s fastest growing short-video app; PUBG is world’s most popular online game right now.

A circular has been signed and distributed by Director, Education Nagaraj Honnekeri which has asked all schools to restrict the usage of these apps.

The circular requests all schools to create awareness about “not to download or use Tik Tok app and PUBG game.”

As per this circular, restricting the usage of PUBG and TikTok will help to save lives.

It said, “The action in time may be of great help in saving some lives.”


We have received an official statement from TikTok on this unfortunate incident:

This is a very concerning incident. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the deceased. At TikTok, we are committed to maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment for our users, while encouraging them to showcase their creativity. In line with this, we would like to confirm that there is no such hashtag challenge or activity that TikTok is promoting on its app.

TikTok in no way endorses, promotes or encourages its users to engage in any behaviour that might cause harm to oneself or anyone else either via challenges or content published. We have a zero tolerance policy on content and behaviour that is against our Community Guidelines.”

We hope that such tragic incidents never happen again.


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