This Is Whatsapp’s Revolutionary Update: You Will Never Share Your Pics With The Wrong Person, Ever!

Whatsapp is one of the most popular used messaging apps in the world. Almost every other person uses it for their day-to-day activities, which also means that few oops moments are bound to happen.

It could be in the form of accidentally sending a really funny meme to your mother instead of your best friend,now nobody wants to be that kind of situation no matter how old you get.

To prevent this from happening, the Facebook-owned social media platform has been working strenuously to ensure that Whatsapp users don’t end up sharing images with the wrong person.

What’s New In The Update?

Currently, when you try sharing any image to an individual or group, the app shows a small profile picture of the recipient in the top left the corner with the option to either edit or modify the image in the opposite right corner, which can lead to an accident if you don’t verify the profile picture before sending the image.

This new feature of Whatsapp will now show the name of the recipient below the caption so that the users can double check if it is the correct person before sending the image, to avoid being stuck in a sticky situation.

This New Feature Is Available For This Version

Whatsapp is rolling out this new update to Whatsapp Beta users on the Android version, but the users have to test this feature to ensure that they have version  2.19.173 or later installed to be able to

It is also planning on bringing soon this new update to the stable version of the app. According to WABetaInfo, this feature is available images shared on both individuals as well as group chats.

While it is quite ambiguous if the company is working on a similar feature for iOS users.

Updates Made To The Whatsapp iOS beta Version

However, Whatsapp has updated its iOS app that now allows users to see the stickers in the notification bar of their iPhones.Before it just used to show a heart shaped emoji in the notification bar but now the app shows the sticker along with the emoji.

In the recent changes made to the Whatsapp iOS beta version for iOS users removed the possibility to download profile pictures of the contacts in the app. The feature was removed by the beta update for iOS.

It has also been reported that it was also removed from the Whatsapp Business beta update for iOS as well.

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