Revolt Motors Launches India’s 1st AI-Powered Electric Bike: 5 Sizzling Features You Cannot Miss?

Revolt Motors launch India's 1st AI powered electric bike
Revolt Motors launch India’s 1st AI powered electric bike

Revolt Motors have launched India’s 1st AI-powered electric motorcycle. This new concept of bike has some of the most innovative features ever introduced in a motorcycle.

Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax Electronics, is also the founder of Revolt Motors, launched this new bike, which has been named as RV 400, with a catchline of “For The Generation Why”.

Here are 5 interesting features of this new AI-powered electric bike, which can set a new trend in the niche:

Charge Your Bike Like Your Phone

Charging an electric vehicle is one of the biggest pain points, and it seems Revolt Motors has attempted to make it go away. The charging station can be ordered at home, or the bike can be charged at one of their charging stations, and the most interesting aspect: In some single charge, the bike will run upto 156 kms.

This is apt for an urban user, who needs to travel 40-60 kms per day.

Besides, this bike promises a speed of 85 km/hr.

Swipe The App To Start The Bike

In a unique innovation, the bike can be started by a single swipe on the app. Since it’s AI powered and fully connected having a 4G LTE SIM as well, the pairing between the bike and the app is seamless. Once paired, the user can start the bike with a single swipe, and this, is something innovative in the 2-wheeler segment.

However, in the video posted on their website, the pairing is being done via bluetooth.

Change The Vrooom Sound Every Day

The sound of motorcycle’s engine revving up, the vrooom sound, is one of the most important elements of any bike. The biker falls in love with that sound. Now, Revolt Motors have included a unique feature, which will allow the biker to change this sound daily. Through the app, the user can select one among four sounds, and then change it based on the preference.

Again, one unique feature of the app.

Check The Power In Realtime

Through the app, the user can check the status of the battery in real time, and then plan his/her journey accordingly. This is very useful feature, which has been certainly custom-made for the electric bikers. However, since 156 kms is the limit under one full charge, the biker would be able to have a clear idea of the limit.

Full Control Over Your Bike

In order to keep the bike safe, there are added features such as geo-fencing the bike, and setting the parameter. If the bike goes beyond this limit, then alerts will be sounded. Besides, you can access the current position of the bike, checkout how much kms it has run and more.

Features such as remote diagnostics, built-in satellite navigation and more has been added, as it supports Artificial Intelligence, and full connectivity.

The pre-bookings will start online at Amazon India website, and Revolt Motors website, and there will be offline pre-booking as well.

As of now, we have no idea about the expected price.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more details/

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